Sisolak outspends opponents in governor’s race |

Sisolak outspends opponents in governor’s race

Cy Ryan
Special to the Appeal

Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak easily outspent his opponents as Nevadans vote today in the primary election.

A report filed Friday shows his expenses since the beginning of the year at $6.3 million to win the Democratic nomination for Governor.

His major opponent Chris Giunchigliani, also a Clark County Commissioner, shelled out $1.6 million in that period.

Both have spent big money on television advertising in the final days of the campaign.

While on the Republican side, Attorney General Adam Laxalt, a heavy favorite to win the GOP nomination for governor, has spent $1.3 million since the beginning of the year. His opponents report expenses a total of less than $500,000 with much of that coming from their personal bank accounts.

Friday was the deadline for submitting their contributions and expense reports to the Secretary of State Office.

While Sisolak reports spending $6.3 million, his document shows he has only collected $1.7 million since January.

He has been able to attract large donors. For instance, he has received $20,000 each since May 22 from David and Leanne Brown; Linda and William Richardson, also both of Las Vegas and Wino Decadence and the Club at Rock Street, both of the same address in Las Vegas.

Giunchigliani reports she has collected $974,893 since January while spending $1.5 million. She has received more contributions from individuals and companies than Sisolak. She reported eight major contributors of $5,000 with casinos Paris Las Vegas, Caesar’s Palace and Flamingo East, each donating that amount.

Other Democratic candidates are Ashee Dewan who didn’t collect any money but said he spent $8,395; David Jones reporting spending $10 and collecting $110 and Henry Thorns who received $4,706 and spent $4,507.

Laxalt’s report shows he spent $1.3 million in the first six months of the year out of the $2.2 million he collected. Among those contributing $10,000 since May were Virginia Simmons of Houston, Texas; ESTARS LLC of Las Vegas; Cabo Medical Management LLC, also of Las Vegas and Casa Belagrasco De Sitges LLC also of Las Vegas.

Other Republican candidates for governor include state Treasurer Dan Schwartz who reports he has spent $418,995. He has contributed at least $135,000 of his own money to the campaign. And he has declined to accept donations from lobbyists.

Jared Fisher, a Las Vegas businessman, reports collecting $299,861 since the first of the year but $200,000 came out of his own pocket. His report shows he has spent $182,515. Stephanie Carlisle has received $5,750 and spent $2,750. Frederick Conquest reported he received $10,000 in contributions and spent $7,775 in his bid for the GOP nomination for governor.