State gets $6M for Victims of Crime program |

State gets $6M for Victims of Crime program

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

The federal Justice Department has awarded Nevada just over $6 million for the Victims of Crime program.

Victim-assistance funds totaling $3,954,131 and victim-Compensation funds of $2,054,000 were awarded to the state’s Health and Human Services Department and the Department of Administration, respectively.

U.S. Attorney for Nevada Dan Bogden said the assistance funding is awarded to the state to local community organizations to provide direct services to victims of crime such as domestic violence centers, rape-crisis centers, child-abuse programs and other such programs that provide services to people.

The compensation program reimburses victims for expenses such as medical costs, mental health counseling, lost wages and other costs resulting from becoming a victim.

The Crime Victims Fund is supported by fines paid by criminal offenders, not by taxpayers, Bogden said.