Three candidates file on Thursday for Nevada elections |

Three candidates file on Thursday for Nevada elections

Nevada Appeal staff report

Secretary of State filings

Assembly terms are two years. All other state non-judicial offices are four year terms. Congressional terms are two years and U.S. Senate terms are six years.

New daily filings are marked with an asterisk *

U.S. Senate:

Sherry Brooks, R

Danny Burleigh, D

Tom Heck, R

*Barry Michaels, Independent

Jacky Rosen, D

Jesse Sbaih, D

Congress District 2

Mark Amodei, R (I)

Sharron Angle, R

Clint Kolbe, D

Rick Shepherd, D

Congress District 4:

David Gibbs, R

Cresent Hardy, R

*Greg Luckner, L

*Dean McGonigle, Independent

Amy Vilela, D


Russell Best, IAP

William “Bill” Boyd, R

Jared Fisher, R

Stan Lusak, R

Dan Schwartz, R

Henry Thorns, D

Lt. Governor:

Kate Marshall, D

Gary Anthony Meyers, R

Secretary of State:

Nelson Araujo, D

Barbara Cegavske, R (I)


Bob Beers, R

Bill Hoge, IAP

Andrew Martin, D

Derek Uehara, R


Catherine Byrne, D

Ron Knecht, R (I)

Attorney General:

Wes Duncan, R

Aaron Ford, D

Craig Meuller, R

State Senate District 14:

Ira Hansen, R

Senate District 16:

Ben Kieckhefer, R (I)

State Senate District 17:

James Settelmeyer, R (I)

Assembly District 32:

Patty Povilaitis, D

Alexis Hansen, R

Assembly District 33:

John Ellison, R (I)

Assembly District 36:

Dennis Hof, R

James Oscarson, R (I)

Assembly District 39:

Patricia Ackerman, D

Jim Wheeler, R (I)

Assembly District 40:

Al Kramer, R (I)

Autumn Zemke, D

Board of Regents District 9:

Carol Del Carlo, R (I)

Carson City offices

All Carson elective offices are nonpartisan and four year terms.

School Trustee District 6:

Donald Carine


David Dawley (I)


Aubrey Rowlatt

District Attorney:

Jason Woodbury (I)


Ken Furlong (I)

Lorne Houle


Gayle Robertson (I)

Board of Supervisors Ward 1:

Stacey Giomi

John Wood

Board of Supervisors Ward 3:

Lori Bagwell (I)

The staff in both the Secretary of State’s office and Carson City Elections division got a break on Thursday.

Only three new candidates had filed for office on Thursday — all with the Secretary of State’s office. No new candidates filed with the Carson City elections division.

There are still several major and announced candidates for office — state and federal — who haven’t done the paperwork yet. They have until March 16 ad 5 p.m. to do so.

That list includes Sen. Dean Heller who’s scheduled to file on Monday. Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who has announced for governor, has yet to say when he will file at the Secretary of State’s office. In addition, the two leading Democrats for that post, Chris Giunchigliani and Steve Sisolak, are yet to file.