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Unemployment rate up a bit in June

Nevada’s unemployment rate for June was 6.9 percent, up a bit from the 6.6 percent recorded in May.

The rate increased in not only Las Vegas but Reno-Sparks and Carson City by about three tenths in each jurisdiction.

But Bill Anderson, chief economist for the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, said a year over year comparison is a much better indicator of economic health. And a review of the record shows the state rate down by a full percent since June 2014, by an equal amount in Las Vegas and Carson City and 1.1 percent in Reno-Sparks.

“All in all, the Silver state is continuing to make improvements as employers gain confidence and continue to add jobs,” said Anderson.

Statewide, Nevada added 2,100 jobs in June.

In addition, there were just 13,185 initial claims for unemployment benefits filed in June, a year-over-year decrease of 9.1 percent. The average length of time a person claims benefits has also fallen since June 2014 to 14.2 weeks — a full week less.

The unemployment rate for June was listed at 7 percent in Las Vegas, 7.3 percent in Carson City and 6.4 percent in Reno-Sparks. Those are all the raw (not seasonally adjusted) unemployment rates.

The Elko area remains lower than most of the state at 5.1 percent. But it too was up from May by about three tenths.

Churchill County reported an increase of two tenths from May to 7 percent. That translates to 754 out of 10,773 workers without jobs.

Douglas County reported 1,525 jobless in a pool of 23,634, a rate of 6.7 percent making it the only county to report a lower unemployment rate (by one tenth) than in May.

Lyon County’s rate increased from 9 to 9.3 percent in June with 2,113 out of work in a 22,785 member labor pool.

As of the end of June, there were 1.42 million in the Nevada labor force with just 97,900 looking for work. Of that total, 73,375 are in the Las Vegas area and 14,700 in Reno-Sparks. In Carson City, 1,800 were looking for work.