Voter registration jumps in March across state |

Voter registration jumps in March across state

A total of 22,130 people registered to vote in March, raising the total number of active voters in the state to 1,251,747.

The vast majority of new voters were in Clark County where 17,964 new people signed up.

Washoe County reported the addition of 2,592 for a total of 237,466.

Carson City also saw a significant increase in March — some 520 new names for a total of 22,526 on the active roll.

The list of active voters in Douglas County rose 383 in March to 25,391 and, in Churchill County 489 more voters were added.

The largest block of voters are registered Democrats at 501,513, a hair over 40 percent of the total statewide. Republicans trail in registration at 441,919 or 35.3 percent.

Of the March increase, 16,320 of those new voters registered as Democrats compared to just 4,399 new Republicans.

That means Democrats increased their registration by 3.36 percent in March compared to 1 percent for the GOP.

The non-partisan group of 233,804 voters — 18.7 percent — still carries the power to decide who wins.

After that, the biggest block of voters are members of the Independent American Party which has 55,941 listed for 4.47 percent of the total. The remaining 1.5 percent of voters are members of minority parties registered with the state.