Voter registration levels off after election |

Voter registration levels off after election

Voter registration leveled off after the November election, adding just 943 more names to the statewide rolls in December.

Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske said total voter registration at year’s end was just more than 1.5 million active voters. When inactives are added in, the total is a bit more than 1.6 million.

She said the number of registered Democrats actually decreased by 147 statewide. The minor parties grouped together as “other parties” also lost voters but just 21.

By contrast, the Independent American and Libertarian parties saw gains. IAP added 420 active voters to 66,050 and Libertarians 111 to 13,993.

But the biggest gain reported for December was in the total Non-Partisan voters. That group increased by 548 to 314,375 statewide — just shy of 21 percent of total registration.

Democrats still control the largest voter block, 595,669 or 39.5 percent. That’s just shy of 100,000 more than the 498,582 registered Republicans.

While Carson City added 47 to its list of active voters (28,978), most of them came from the ranks of inactive voters doing the paperwork to reactive their registration. The total number of Carson voters increased by only 11 to 31,711. In Douglas County the active roll rose 105 to 31,570 while the total voter roll increased 84 to 35,757.

Finally, Churchill County finished the year with 14,793 total voters and 13,427 actives. That compares to 14,742 total voters and 13,355 actives in November.

Further details on all Nevada counties and breakouts by party, age and district can be found on the Secretary of State’s webpage at under the elections tab.