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What about Bob? Goodman sounds off

Democrat Bob Goodman is realistic about his chances of beating Brian Sandoval to become Nevada’s next governor.

After all, he hasn’t even gotten his own party to endorse him.

“I think he might have an edge on me,” he said in a Friday interview. “I was told he’s raised $521 for every dollar I have and he doesn’t have a challenger. How many favors has he promised?”

Goodman said if he can win the race, “I want to look at everything we’re doing and reassess what we’re doing.”

“I’d look at every part of the economy. Can we do it better? I think that’s my new motto. Maybe we can do it better.”

In the 1970s, Goodman was Nevada’s economic development director under Gov. Mike O’Callaghan. He said he doesn’t have a lot of respect for the past few governors, including Sandoval.

“They become governors then they go sit in Carson and I think there’s a book out there that tells them not to do anything until the next election,” he said. “The reason I got into this election is just to have an election. Harry (Reid) got rid of democracy by not having anyone to vote for.

And Sandoval, he’s the poster boy of Teflon governors.”

He gave Sandoval a left-handed compliment in only one area: “He’s doing a great job on economic development but he’s overpaying. We’re buying companies now to move here.”

Goodman said his would be a more hands-on administration. He said, for example, someone from the state should attend every convention that comes to Nevada, talking to businesses and urging them to relocate here.

He said he would invite the private sector to advise his office on how to improve the way Nevada operates and form governor’s committees on a variety of subjects from education to economic development to come up with creative solutions.

“Mostly look at costs,” he said. “And if we really aren’t wasting money, let’s go for taxes.”

He said everybody should get involved: “We need involvement from actual people.”

Nevada, he said, “should rank first in 90 percent of categories,” not near the bottom.

Referring to the accusations early in the campaign he doesn’t even live in Nevada, Goodman said, “I live in China part of the time; I have a place in Las Vegas.”

Both within his party and in business, Goodman said the fix is in against him.

“Ninety percent of the people I talk to say we promised we won’t help anybody but Sandoval,” he said. “We were told not to get involved in this election.

“That doesn’t change anything. If I get one vote, I wouldn’t be embarrassed.”

He said he’ll obviously get a lot more than one vote, especially since his name is first on the ballot, which lists candidates alphabetically.

“Of course, being Goodman, Oscar won’t talk to me any more,” he said. “I think I’ve lost Oscar.”

He also argued his age — 80 — shouldn’t stop voters from supporting him.

“I’ve had prostate cancer and a stroke. My mind is working good but it’s the only thing left,” he said jokingly.