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Harry Reid says Trump is making Democrats viable in GOP states

Harry Reid, the former U.S. Senate majority and minority leader, said Tuesday that Donald Trump is making Democratic chances to reclaim the majority in the Senate a strong possibility.

“What we have every day with Trump talking and tweeting, every day is a good day for Democrats because he’s making a fool of himself,” said Reid in a Zoom press conference with Nevada reporters. “People are interested in people who want to be constructive. They know that President Trump has done a terrible job.”

As a result, Reid said, Democratic candidates are viable in a list of traditionally GOP-controlled states. He listed Montana, Colorado, Maine, Georgia, North Carolina, Alaska and even Kansas, which has been Republican for 60 years.

“We’re gong to take back the Senate,” he said.

Reid said Biden will be very strong in Nevada as well.

“This is going to be an election that will be written about for decades to come,” he said.

He said there is no issue greater than climate change and that Nevada has proven to the nation that clean energy is the future, citing thousands of solar panels in the south, a major wind farm in the north and geothermal power across the Silver State.

“We don’t need fossil fuels,” he said. “We need to do something different.”

He was joined by state Sen. Chris Brooks, D-Las Vegas, an electrical engineer who created and ran one of the state’s first solar companies.

Brooks said he is glad that Biden put climate change and clean energy at the top of his agenda.

He said the climate crisis and income inequality are the nation’s two biggest issues and that the former vice president’s plans address both.

“It’s what this country needs right now,” he said.