Health Fair comes to Senior Center |

Health Fair comes to Senior Center

by staff

SILVER SPRINGS – Residents will be able to attend a health fair and learn more about living well.

The Silver Springs Health Fair will be Feb. 5-6 at the Silver Springs Senior Center, 1050 Pyramid Ave.

All lectures and demonstrations are free and open to the public. The fair will be open from 3-5 p.m. Saturday and 9-11 a.m. Sunday.

Dr. Charles Thomas, associate professor of health science at Loma Linda University, will be the presenter and demonstrator of how through the skillful use of water persons can enjoy better health.

Learn simple ways to treat asthma, the common cold, the flu, bronchial complication, cough, constipation, sprains, arthritis, insomnia, backaches, headaches, muscle aches and many common ailments that rob people of their joy of living.

Another portion of the Silver Springs Health Fair will be a vegetarian banquet and nutrition seminar. These will begin at 6 p.m. Sunday, also at the senior center.

Along with the banquet there will be four follow-up classes to help you discover healthful and inexpensive recipes.

The cost of the banquet and four lectures with demonstrations is $15 per couple. A refund of $5 will be given if both attend for the first three nights and another $5 refund if both attend the last two nights.

Nutrition seminar presenters are Jim and Neva Brackett of Reno. They were managers of a vegetarian restaurant in Seattle. They authored “Vegetarian Gourmet Recipes from the Chefs of Five Loaves Deli and Bakery.”

The health fair is sponsored by the Silver Springs Senior Center and the Silver Springs Adventist Community Services.

Call 577-5014 or 577-4920.