Health Inspections: Feb. 24 |

Health Inspections: Feb. 24

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for Jan. Feb. 9-12 (all scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

• Firkin & Fox Restaurant, 310 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.

• McDonald’s #4 Restaurant, 3344 N. Carson St., scored 97 points. A supply of paper towels is not present at the kitchen hand sink.

• Adele’s Bar/Lounge, 1112 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

• Panda Kitchen Restaurant, 1986 Highway 50 East, scored 100 points.

• Ming’s Restaurant, 2330 S. Carson St., scored 96 points. Kitchen and staff restroom hand sink faucets are inoperational. No paper towels at the kitchen sink.

• Comstock Casino Bar/Lounge, 3680 Goni Road, scored 96 points. No chlorine residual was detected on dishware after the final mechanical rinse.

• Juan’s Mexican Grill #2, 3680 Goni Road, scored 97 points. The hand-washing sink in the dishwashing area was blocked by cardboard boxes, and the towel dispenser was not working.

• J&L Catering and Cakes Caterer, 3850 Arrowhead Dr., scored 100 points.

• J&L Catering and Cakes Restaurant, 3850 Arrowhead Dr., scored 100 points.

• Panaderia Azteca Retail Grocery, 3189 Highway 50 East, scored 99 points. “No Smoking” signs were not posted at each entrance.

• Panaderia Azteca Takeout, 3189 Highway 50 East, scored 99 points. An accurate metal stem thermometer was not available to check food temperatures.

• Panaderia Azteca Bakery, 3189 Highway 50 East, scored 98 points. Foods removed from original containers were not stored in approved containers with covers. The flour and sugar bins had no covers.

• Foodmart #1 Convenience Store, 1102 N. Carson St., scored 92 points. No soap provided at hand sink. No sanitizer being used to sanitize food areas. Cloths used on food-contact surfaces are not clean, do not contain sanitizer residual or are not used properly. Food and non-food contact surfaces of equipment or utensils are not clean. Mold in ice machine, calcium deposits building up on outside of machine.

• El Aguila Real Restaurant, 3220 Highway 50 East, scored 99 points. Found various food items stored in the freezer and elsewhere without labels showing the date and common name.