Health Inspections for 12/15 |

Health Inspections for 12/15

The following health inspections are for the period of Nov. 24-Dec. 6:

• International House of Pancakes Restaurant, 3883 S. Carson St., scored 99 points. Weather stripping is inadequate at the back kitchen door to prevent pest entry. Drain hoses are lying in the bottom of the floor sink under the soda dispenser. The floor sink under the front counter microwave oven is dirty. Wet floor mops are stored improperly with the mop head directly on the floor.

• Empire Elementary School Cafeteria, 1260 Monte Rosa St., scored 95 points. Water for hand washing is not properly tempered or dispensed. A cold holding thermometer, walk-in, is inaccurate, 9 degrees off.

• China East Restaurant, 1810 Highway 50 East, scored 92 points. The dishwasher in active use is not sanitizing the dishes during the rinse cycle. Bowl is being used as a scoop in the rice bin. Foods in bags are stored next to caustic chemicals in the back storage room. Foods are stored on the floors in the walk-in and storage rooms. Opened cans of foods are stored in the walk-in. A plate of personal staff food is stored with customer food in the walk-in. Unpasteurized shell eggs are stored on the middle shelf in the walk-in. A badly dented can of bamboo shoots is on the shelf in the dry storage room. Be sure that foods are cooled to 40 F before being placed in the make-up unit opposite the grill. Internal food temperatures are at 40 F, while some surface temperatures of the same foods are 49-52 F. Do not mound foods above the top of the containers.

• Capital City Dos Amigos Restaurant, 1621 Highway 50 East, #G, scored 95 points. Found three unlabeled chemical spray bottles under the hand sink. Found an unlabeled, full gallon container of cleaning chemical on the floor in each of the customer restrooms.

• Capital City Dos Amigos Meat Department, 1621 Highway 50 East, #G, scored 95 points. Found hand sink basin blocked with a bleach bottle and the water faucet blocked with a hose hooked up to it. The inside roof, at ice chute, of the ice machine is dirty with biofilm buildup. At least one employee of this establishment must be a certified food handler.

• Capital City Dos Amigos Grocery, Dairy, Produce, 1621 Highway 50 East, #G, scored 100 points.

• The Firkin & Fox Restaurant Main Kitchen, 310 S. Carson St. #100, scored 97 points. Grill cook is wiping food from hands onto dry wiping cloths. Food is accumulating in the dry wiping cloths. Found dried food and metal shaving on the can opener blade. The utensil bins in the back food prep room need cleaning.

• Capital Christian School Cafeteria, 1600 Snyder Ave., scored 100 points.

• Bully’s Restaurant, 3530 N. Carson St., scored 95 points. Observed staff person eating at the food prep line and not immediately washing hands before continuing on with kitchen activities.

• Pizza Hut #011662 Restaurant, 2441 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

• Carson Coffee Take Out Coffee House/Drive Through, 1825 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

• Carson City Car Wash Restaurant, 1510 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

• Country Store Retail Grocery, 3389 Highway 50 East, scored 96 points. Bags of customer ice are not properly labeled. The upper half of the ice machine is dirty. Shelving and walls in the back storage rooms are in need of cleaning, along with the fan guards in the walk-in and the 3-C sink. The back door needs weather stripping attached to prevent pest entry.

• Jenny Craig Weight Loss Convenience Store, 444 E. William St., scored 100 points.

• ARCO AM PM Convenience Store, 2707 Highway 50 East, scored 100 points.

• Walgreens #04788 Convenience Store, 1465 E. William St., scored 100 points.

• Terrible’s #861 Convenience Store, 4640 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.