Health Inspections for July 21 |

Health Inspections for July 21

The following health inspections are for the period of July 6-9:

• Burger King #8744 Restaurant, 3589 N. Carson St., scored 100 points.

• Starbucks Coffee Company, 3328 N. Carson St. #15, scored 100 points.

• Arco AM/PM Convenience Store, 1017 N. Carson St., scored 86 points. Found containers of brake fluid and motor oil stored above the 3-C sink. Found expired “use by” dates on several cartons of milk in the reach-in. Found containers of thawed hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages and corn dogs dated incorrectly in the walk-in. Thermometers are needed in both the hot and cold customer sandwich cases. Found boxes of foods in the storage room stored on the floor. A box of coffee packs is stored on the floor under the 3-C sink. Found knives stored improperly between the prep table and the wall.

• B’Sghetti’s Bar Lounge, 318 N. Carson St., scored 98 points. Ice scoop handle is laying in the customer ice. There is no drain hose from the speed gun holster to the floor sink.

• B’Sghetti’s Restaurant, 318 N. Carson St., scored 99 points. Found improper drainage hose and collection bucket in the kitchen.

• The Basil Restaurant, 311 N. Carson St., scored 98 points. Found several 1-2-gallon containers of very hot liquids stored together and covered in the walk-in.

• Panda Kitchen, 1986 Hwy. 50 East, scored 100 points.

• Taqueria La Salsa Restaurant, 1946 Hwy. 50 East, scored 100 points.

• Dutch Bros. Coffee, 1449 S. Carson St., scored 92 points. Hand sink is blocked by a ladder. Sink has not been used recently. Observed staff person washing hands in the 3-C sink. The 3-C sink is not set up properly. Chlorine test strips are not available for verifying a 50-100 ppm sanitizer solution. Thermometers in the reach-ins are not easily locatable. One thermometer is broken. The ice machine is dirty with bio-film buildup.

• Murphy Bernardini Juvenile Detention Center Kitchen, 1545 E. Fifth St., scored 100 points.

• San Rafael Coffee Company, 711 S. Carson St. #9, scored 100 points.