Help Gawronskis celebrate the past 50 years |

Help Gawronskis celebrate the past 50 years

Barb and Ray Gawronski are planning their 50th anniversary and looking for old friends to help with the celebrations, especially from their years at North Lake Tahoe.

Did you bowl at the Kings Beach Bowl or Bowl Incline? Do you remember when the Biltmore was the Nevada Lodge and the Cartwrights – Pa, Hoss, and Little Joe – dined at the North Shore Club? Everyone took their kids for autographs to the film sites around the area. At that time, the Hyatt wasn’t built yet and the only game in town was bowling (oh yeah, there was gambling too).

If you know the Gawronskis and would like to help them celebrate 50 years together on Aug. 27, give Ralph a call at 775-303-4881, to receive an invitation and to swap old stories.