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Hike in fees for brothel work cards postponed

A proposed increase in the cost of doing business for Lyon County brothel workers was delayed today, when the Lyon County Commission postponed a ruling on the fee hike.

Sheriff Allen Veil has requested an amendment that increases the work card fees from $50 to $100.

All brothel workers are required to have a work card, not just those working as prostitutes.

Costs to the sheriff’s office, whose employees have to fingerprint and photograph the employees and then deliver the cards, are higher than the income brought in by the fees. The amendment will also increase the frequency of herpes testing for those working as prostitutes.

It will also prevent a brothel worker from getting a work card if the employee has been convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia. The brothel ordinance now prohibits cards to those convicted of possessing, using, or selling drugs, but did not include paraphernalia.