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History comes alive in children’s production

Sam Bauman
Appeal Staff Writer
Desiree McKean plays the part of Ally White.

Every time I get ready to go to a rehearsal of a show by the BAC Stage Kids, I say to myself, “OK, this one can’t be as good as the last one.”

And every time I say this, I find that the new show is not only as good as the last one, but it is better.

Which is a long way of saying “Bluebird, Star of the West,” the third installment in the saga of Windy Gulch, is good.

This is a “world premiere,” incidentally, and audiences that have seen the first two installments (or is this a prequel?) will recognize the folks of Windy Gulch. What’s new is the plot line (such as it is) about not tampering with historical artifacts in Nevada deserts. Thus, one side of the stage is the Department of Historical Returns; on the other, the town of Windy Gulch.

As locals bring in artifacts, a mysterious effect takes place and people are transported back in Windy Gulch history. There’s a horse (that looks more like a dog) and there’s a real dog, Miss Katy Rose as Snooper (she’s the pet of Pat Josten, co-producer with Teneya Cramer). The double-cast is enough to keep co-directors Darla Bayer and Teneya Cramer, double-cast herself, jumping.

Double-cast shows are a problem for reviewers, since rarely can they see both casts in action. Let it be said that on Monday night the cast was buoyant, fun and about as professional as youngsters can get. What they may have lacked in professional skills, they more than made up for with gleeful enthusiasm. Ages vary from 6 to 16, so the older actors snap up the major roles. But, of course, all the roles are major at a BAC Stage Kids’ show.

To toss it all together, there are original songs, fancy dancing (choreographer is Sasha Guberman) and even an accordion player. It’s all in 10 scenes in two acts and if there was anymore the audience might get its fill – but I doubt it.

A very nice touch is the program, which is loaded with information as well as all kinds of greetings and cheers from parents and friends of cast members.

Yes, many a traditional “break a leg” is wished for actors. So, “break a leg,” Windy Gulchers.

The play opens this weekend at the Donald W. Reynolds Theatre at the Brewery Arts Center at 7 p.m. Friday, continues Saturday at 2 and 7 p.m. and goes on next weekend Jan. 27-28 at 7 p.m. and Jan. 28 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are $8 general admission, $5 for students, seniors, children and members. Call 883-1976, but you better do it soon as the theater isn’t that big and already lots of tickets have been sold.

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“Bluebird, Star of the West”


Lonesome Luke – Jordan Weaver, Dakota Dutcher

Bluebird – Bethany Mindrum, Danita Bayer

Agent Smith – Abigail Scott, Jayme Foremaster

Agent Jones – Stephanie Kulla, Melody Ricketts

Snooper – Miss Katy Rose

Prince Prudeholm – Nathanael Williams, Will Dietlein

Tam Toady – Ariel Scott, Kora Link

Pickax Pete – Kenni Kinsey, AnnMarie Gonzales

Jem Diggs – Melissa James, Hannah Myers

Professor Stedbetter – Aspen Abbott, Jacob Linstrom

Ally White – Venice Rogers, Desiree McKean

Melody Mangle – Andrea Mindrum, Monica Ricketts

Stu Stryker – Austin Scott

Miss Penny – Jill Shufelt, Kimmy Matus

Sally – Hannah Anthony, Elizabeth Everest

Jenny – Abby Williams, Anna Lynn Barulich

Sarah – Melissa Kulla, Shannon McKean

Coyote – Olivia Abbott, Heather Canfield

Flying Feet – Emily Friedl

Dottie Biggins – Christina Dietlein, Angelina Avitia

Druscilla Biggins – Erin Weaver, Veronika Avitia

Frances Plate – Tracy Morris, Melissa Coyle

Ace Dukems – Ryan Walker, Sean Merritt

Tuxedo Dancers/Townspeople:

Marisela Avitia, Monique Hautekeet, Adriana Avitia, Brittney Kinsey


India Snyder, Angela Carini, Mysha VanStraten, Aspen Abbott


Madailein VanStraten, Miranda Callahan, Charlie Adams, Madison Parks, Teslah Callahan

School Children:

Bridgette McKnight, Julianna Lucas, Avery Hudak, Shannon Wyman, Steven Weaver, Mackenzie Parks, Luke Barulich, Tori McKean, Maegan McKean, Julia Baker, Elisabeth Barulich, Daniel Barulich, Zoey Gray