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Holy homework! It’s your job

by Shawntay Hudson
For the Appeal

In today’s world, everyone has a job. Whether it is an office job, something on a job site, or even if it is school, everyone has a job. Most of the kids that you know you probably met at school and a lot of them you still are in school with. Well, nowadays kids are piling up with sports, after school activities, and of course the dreaded homework.

According to some kids, their homework is just way too much. According to others, it is only too much to handle some of the time.

Joe Ladd, an eighth-grader at Virginia City Middle School, said that homework is overwhelming, whereas Hayden Harrower said that homework is stressful at times and can be a hassle if you are into sports or other activities that take place after school.

Many sixth-graders are also finding the stress when it comes to homework. Alyssa Hudson is a sixth-grader and is somewhat stressed out by all the homework that she gets now that she is out of elementary school.

So why so much, we ask?

Well, according to teachers, they say that you have to do homework so that the things that you learn in school will stay in your mind. According to research that I Googled, many parents in other states are finding that their kids who are still in elementary school are coming home with big assignments that are mandatory to do and that even keep their children up until 11 p.m. or midnight trying to finish.

I understand that a little bit of homework is OK, but having so much that you are forced to stay up late into the night is taking it to far. Many kids are also not so high tech. These days, assignments involve typing papers on a computer or getting research on a topic, and not all kids have computers. And with classes going on all day they can’t exactly do the whole thing at school.

Even though homework can be a pain, it is my job personally and every other student’s job to make sure that we get it done. Schools everywhere are also trying to help out with the homework problem by adding study hall as an elective, which would be good if you are in basketball or other sports, or if you just don’t have the time to get it done at home.

— Shawntay Hudson, 13, is an eighth grader at Virginia City Middle School.