Horse club program promotes safe horsemanship |

Horse club program promotes safe horsemanship

Staff report

A local horse group has started a new program designed to promote safe equestrian activities.

High Desert Horsemen President Tony Sumner will conduct Equine Citizenship Tests at group events throughout the year.

The tests will have three levels and examine issues covered in ground- manners clinics last year. Those same issues will be repeated this year.

The first level covers ground manners, de-sensitizing your horse, handling your horse, and work under saddle or in harness. This level must be achieved before attempting the next.

Sumner hopes the goal of working toward these levels of equine citizenship will promote good horsemanship, safe riding and handling practices, and responsible conduct individually and in groups.

High Desert Horsemen sponsors numerous rides and drives in the local area. It also encourages preserving public lands and trails by working with local advisory boards.

Another program being instituted this year is designed to promote self-sufficiency among members in emergency situations and disasters, whether it is giving assistance to a fellow member or helping with evacuation in times of need.

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WHAT: High Desert Horsemen DeSpooking Clinic

WHEN: 9 a.m. Saturday

WHERE: Hamilton’s Arena, 11225 Silver Lane, Stagecoach

CALL: (775) 841-3563