Horse Shows in The Sun, Inc. is coming to the Carson Valley |

Horse Shows in The Sun, Inc. is coming to the Carson Valley

by staff

You may have heard about the event. Many residents have been skeptical about the impact on our community. Well, I can lay those fears to rest. I have seen it and it is awesome.

Last weekend I had the pleasure along with other Douglas County people to attend the Indio Desert Circuit Show.

In Indio, the show runs for six weeks. The group just completed its ninth show at that location. I must say, I was very impressed with the quality and the size of the event. The Indio show is on 80 acres.

Doesn’t sound that big until you try walking around trying to stay out of the way of “big” horses, golf carts, motor scooters, dogs, and at the same time watch where you step. (By the way, they fly hot air balloons in the evening in Indio. I have been told that it is dangerous to do so in the Carson Valley, something about the wind factor).

After my trip, I can now envision what the new Tahoe show will look like. It will be big! HITS Tahoe will be situated on 100 acres that have been leased for 10 years from Bentley’s Agrodynamics near Highway 395 on Stockyard Road, which is between Airport Road and Ironwood Drive.

Construction is under way on eight show rings. The rings require surface grading with stone dust and ground rubber to provide an all weather footing that is preferred by the participants.

Portable bleachers, tents, and stabling will also be installed on the site. The show grounds will be a small village during the five weeks of the show. Imagine driving down Highway 395 and seeing huge white and blue stripped tents lined up. That is exactly what you will see in late June and in July.

The show is expected to draw more than 1,000 horses and 3,000 riders and handlers plus 5,000 spectators over the five-week series. The economic impact generated by the show to the surrounding community is expected to reach $20,000,000 during the 35-day event. Officials estimate that the show will rival the company’s largest show, the Indio Desert Circuit which draws 3,500 horses, 4,500 riders and 25,000 spectators.

For information contact the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Authority at 782-8144, or (914) 876-3666.

Dave Bolick is the executive director of the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Authority.