House call for the doctor |

House call for the doctor

The Rev. Mike Northrup, left, of the Episcopal Church in Fallon celebrates Dr. Kurt Carlson's birthday.

The Fallon community attended Dr. Kurt Carlson’s 70th birthday celebration on Friday at the St. Patrick’s Churchill hall.

Carlson, is currently a physician at the VA Health Clinic in Fallon.

Carlson has also served as a private physician, ER (emergency room) doctor, Pershing County Hospital ER and clinic, and as a physician at the Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, Incline and Dayton walk-in clinics.

He also flew his plane to Austin to run health clinics and served as medical director for ambulance services as well as convalescent centers.

During his career, Carlson also has mentored medical students for the University of Nevada, Reno. He served on the Medical/Legal Screening Panel and has participated in Eagles, Elks, Toast Masters and several other service groups and the Knights of Columbus.