How being fat can be a good thing |

How being fat can be a good thing

Finally an excuse to eat every deep-fried, chocolate-dipped, cream-filled, butter-marinated, grease-massaged thing I secretly dream about.

Why can I suddenly do this, you ask? Because I’m no longer a gluttonous pig, I’m helping the environment!

A Norwegian newspaper is reporting that a local businessman announced his intention to use material garnered from liposuction procedures to create biodiesel fuel.

Think he’s crazy? Think again. His Miami, Fla.-based company is close to signing a deal with a major hospital to provide him approximately 3,000 gallons of human fat a week, enough to produce 2,641 gallons of biodiesel fuel.

This could be great during those winter months when heating costs soar. Now we can just pack on some extra pounds, suck’em out and BLAMO, cheap fuel. (If you overlook the cost to get it sucked out.)

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