Hydroponics project helps Carson City students enjoy ‘fruits’ of their labor | NevadaAppeal.com

Hydroponics project helps Carson City students enjoy ‘fruits’ of their labor

Carson City School District

Students in grades K-5 at Empire Elementary School have been learning and working on hydroponics in their classrooms as well as remotely from home this past semester and are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Each grade level has been using a different type of hydroponic system but was able to build systems requiring math and measurement skills to learn about plants per grade-level life science standards. Students also learned the benefits of hydroponics, especially in dry desert areas like Nevada.

Many students compared traditional farming to hydroponics in opinion papers on which method they thought was better and why.

Earlier this week, fifth-grade students checked their classroom systems and witnessed tremendous growth the plants made during Thanksgiving break. Earlier this semester, several second-graders harvested produce they grew and followed a recipe to measure out ingredients to make a salad dressing. In that instance, the students were not only eating healthy salads, they were enjoying the fruits of their labor. 

The program at Empire Elementary School was made possible through a partnership with Green Our Planet as well as through grant funds from Tesla and Office of Science, Innovation and Technology.