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‘I Am Legend’ starts out fine, but falters; movie ads better

Sam Bauman
Entertainment editor

I decided to take a break from the flood of Christmas entertainment and see “I Am Legend,” starring Will Smith, at the Galaxy Theatre on Sunday. Not exactly appropriate for the season, but I was curious, having seen the earlier version of the story, “The Omega Man,” with Charlton Heston. “The Omega Man” is a 1971 science fiction thriller based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel, “I Am Legend.”

The current version is much more basic with the requisite explosions, and includes a pal for Will Smith, a dog named Samantha. No China-U.S. war in this version; it’s a mutated virus that’s to blame.

This movie enjoys the modern technology that makes New York City look like Hiroshima with grass growing on Fifth Avenue – no mean trick since the plague is only a couple of years old.

Much religious folderol is omitted in favor of Smith cruising the streets and shooting up the sick survivors, and there’s a quasi-happy ending. Smith is excellent, but the whole thing bogs down in the last 30 minutes, and at times the chaotic editing is confusing. Heston is apparently ill these days, but he can rest on his performance in the ’71 version.

Incidentally, the ads that appear at the Galaxy are a lot better than those of yore, with jungle scenes interspersed between ads. The aisle seats in the middle of the screening rooms are ultra comfy as well.


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A good thriller not only has to be believable, but also tightly plotted to carry over the 500 or so pages most publishers (and readers) want these days. David Baldacci does just that once again with “The Simple Truth” ($7.95, Warner Books). This time, deep research has led him to the inner chambers of the U.S. Supreme Court, where a law clerk stumbles on a terrible mishap of justice. He is murdered for his find, as are others along the way. The hero is the brother of the murdered clerk who becomes involved in unraveling the mystery, along with another law clerk, naturally a pretty blonde who has her own waterside cottage and a handy sailboat. The tension goes on right down to the wire as the characters interact. And while the plot is nifty, Baldacci doesn’t skip on character development. A fun ride of a book.


I don’t know if NBC considers viewers to have short memories or what, but on weekends now the network will show the same segments several times on different news and morning shows. If newspapers ran the same story for a couple of days they would be laughed out of business. But I guess NBC figures we’re too dumb to notice.


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