Improving health with the power of sound |

Improving health with the power of sound

Jarid Shipley
Appeal Staff Writer
Harasin uses a Tibetan bowl.

It begins with a low rumbling gong that resonates. It is soon accompanied by a high-pitched whine that reverberates in the ears of the dozen people on the floor of the O2 Wellness Studio in Minden.

For the next two hours, the sounds emanating from the center of the room will continue. A auditory barrage designed to combat stress and improve health.

“Sound has the ability to cut right into the body and unleash information stored in the bones and flesh,” said Journey Harasin, sound-healing practitioner conducting the seminar.

For the last six years, Harasin has devoted her life to helping people find their voice and improve their overall wellness through seminars designed to help promote positive flow in the body.

Harasin uses 19 different bowls of different sizes, some crystal and some brass, as well as feathers, bells, gongs and xylophones to create the different notes designed to reach certain Chakras, or energies, in the body.

“We go through these sounds and it wakes up the organs. It gets them in touch with their bodies so they can understand what needs work,” Harasin said.

O2 owner Keri Sheerin said the first sound workshop she attended had a pronounced effect on her.

“It reminded me of a time when we were in Tibet and heard monks chanting. It affected me on a cellular level and woke things up in me,” Sheerin said.

There is no set order for how the sound is created. Harasin relies on intuition as to the needs of the class and the type of sound she wants.

“By not doing it the same way, you create new combinations of sounds that can be very beneficial,” Harasin said.

The 62-year-old Harasin said that her work with sound as a healing option started with overcoming her own struggles.

“I was a really shy person and didn’t speak up. I kept hearing this mantra to find my voice. I went to a therapist who used sound to open myself up and use my voice. From there, I started using the notes of my voice to help people find their voice,” Harasin said.

Slowly Harasin added different bowls and gongs to reach different energies in the body, but still offers voice workshops.

“I had a man come to a meditation and said his jaw was locked into place and was in a lot of pain. He said after the session that he was relaxed and no longer in pain,” Harasin said.

Despite strong attendance at her workshops in California and Northern Nevada, Harasin said it is sometimes hard to combat misconceptions.

“I’ve encountered people who this comes up against old beliefs and it scares them. I encourage people to come and talk to me about it,” Harasin said.

Harasin and Sheerin said the workshops can benefit everyone by reducing stress and improving the body’s natural channels.

“Most of us don’t have a clear energy flow,” Harasin said.

Sheerin said, “The amazing part of this is you never go farther than you body is ready to go.”

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