Insight: millenium look at our accomplishments |

Insight: millenium look at our accomplishments

Steve Storey

For the Appeal

As we prepare to cross the threshold into a new millennium, much is being said of politicians, scientists, entertainers, and athletes who have made great contributions to world history. Many deserve humanity’s respect for their noble influence in our lives, and we rightfully pay tribute to their courage, endurance, and suffering for world changing causes.

We are in a time when our nation is looking back on its accomplishments. We have the oldest and most effective working constitution of any nation on earth. We have fought two world wars preserving freedom. We have prospered and given benevolently around the world. There is not another nation as blessed as ours. Yet, we are also in a time of looking forward. What will the future hold? Times are more uncertain then ever before. Technology leaps ahead of us, information runs rampant, and the flow of history has become the flood of history. For all of America’s achievements, there are an equal number of failures. The most obvious failures are the breakdown of the family, violence, debt, and world instability. How will we or our children’s children face reality and maintain balance? One thing is for certain, our world is in rapid change, and that change is inevitable.

Personally I am not a religious man, if by religion one means impersonal tradition. I find my confidence in a living Savior whose words guide my life and feed my soul. In the midst of millennium change, Jesus remains the same. His love is my stronghold, His faith is my motivation, His Kingdom is my destination. Many great men and women have influenced our lives, but not one has ever said, “I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved…” (John 10:9).

You may be looking back at history or looking forward to the future, but as for me, I will continue to look up to the Eternal Savior, Jesus Christ.

Steve Storey is senior pastor at Vineyard Christian Community Church in Carson City.