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Jim Valentine: The third-party influence

By Jim Valentine

People make decisions in real estate for many reasons. Buyers and sellers have a lot to consider when they contemplate buying or selling and even more as they proceed with making or receiving offers to buy or sell. Their agent will help them gather information and gain perspective, but that is but a part of the decision making process that they will experience.

There will be people in their life that will give them input, solicited, or not. Many of their co-workers will have an idea of what they should do and how they should do it. Most will have limited information on the totality of their situation, but that won’t stop them from pitching in with their two cents worth.

Once the word gets out everybody will be a consultant, giving you advise based on their experience… or what they heard on the radio… or what happened to their cousin Bobbie Sue and her husband.

Neighbors will chime in when you see them, both those you live next to now and your prospective new neighbors. If you are a good neighbor the old ones won’t want to see you go. Their contribution to your effort to move will be tainted by their desire to keep you next door.

The new neighbors know nothing about you and what you are looking for so often times their “valuable” input is based on how bad they want the seller to move out of the neighborhood, or not. Some good information may be gleaned by a conversation with a neighbor, but be wary of what and why they are saying what they say.

In-laws are full of ideas, each with their own motive. Mother- and father-in-law want to get you or keep you close, especially if you have their grandchildren living in your house. Brother in-law may want a hunting buddy, or other such playmate.

Their extended family will also all have opinions for you. Who do you listen to? Uncle Steve that owns a lot of rentals and can afford to be coy in his dealings? Aunt Betty who likes to make pies for your children and doesn’t want them to go away? Cousin Jimmy who knows it all and is loud about telling you about what you should do? All are well meaning, a bit self-serving, and full of ideas.

All of this generous input doesn’t make your decision any easier. While there may be some reinforcement of the emotional components of the decision, that is only part of the equation. Are you moving to a better location for your lifestyle? Are you moving up or down in house size? Lot size? Closer to, or further away from, a “cause of sale”?

There is a lot going on in a real estate transaction without the distraction of assorted personal agendas being infused for your “well being.”

There will be third party influences that will affect the party on the other side. It might just be their agent, but well may be parents, siblings, bosses, cousins, friends, neighbors, etc. Pay attention to where they are getting their influence if they don’t make immediate decisions when you are around them. Someone has a bug in their ear and your ultimate enjoyment in the transaction could be affected by him/her.

If you listen to everybody that has an idea for you nothing will get done. Identify what you are looking to achieve, how feasible it is, and how you will get it done. Your agent will help you sort things out, identify your options, and to gain perspective of the reality of realizing your goal.

If you want family or friend input choose the source carefully. Who will tell it like it is with your best interest in mind? Find that person(s) and lay out your whole plan so they help you make a complete decision.

Ultimately, it will be up to your and yours as to what you do. You are paying for it and will be living with the consequences of your decision.

Enjoy the enthusiasm with which the plethora of advice you receive from your supporters is given, and make your own decision.

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