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Jim Valentine: These times of honesty and integrity

By Jim Valentine

As we find ourselves in times of trouble we must all pull together to improvise, adapt and overcome our unseen oppressor. We are fortunate in Northern Nevada to have less opportunity to catch the coronavirus than do other regions of the globe, but we still must act appropriately so those viral cells that do find their way here don’t wreck havoc on our populous.

Real estate companies, lenders, and title companies have all implemented measures providing for minimal interaction so as to protect those they conduct business with. Because of these business practices we can continue to serve our clientele. We are careful when doing so. If you have a cough or sniffles, a fever, have encountered a positive-tested individual, or have traveled abroad, you may not enter any of those offices. Sellers, agents, escrow officers, etc., all must also answer no to any of these questions.

Help is being designed to assist those that are out of work as a result of the national efforts to contain the virus. The help is coming in a variety of ways, not all as yet determined as of this writing. It may be in eviction relief, mortgage forbearance, etc. Cash may be given to families. Use it in the manner in which it was intended.

Some areas are stopping foreclosures and evictions. This becomes a tricky situation. Just because a person owns a home that they rent out doesn’t mean they can give up getting their rent. Many rental properties are held using the cash flow from the rent to pay for the loan, taxes, insurance, sewer, water, maintenance, and other costs related to the property. It doesn’t mean they are “Mr. Got Rocks,” rather it means they are working on their financial future and retirement.

If you have a legitimate need for financial assistance work within the system, but please don’t abuse it. Be honest about your needs. If you were laid off but have cash in the bank why would you expect the owner to let you live there free? You may have a roof over your head, but he may lose his house for the lack of your payment. Some assistance will be grants, others loans. Nobody knows yet as we have all jumped into this “acid bath” together at the same time. Be kind and help one another stay afloat so it doesn’t “burn” us to badly.

It is times like this that we can appreciate our American resiliency as evidenced by the rigors faced by our pioneers, especially those of us here in the West. Our predecessors didn’t have it easy, and it doesn’t hurt us to have our creature comforts and idyllic lifestyles challenged once in a while. Relatively speaking, we have it easy. Roof over our heat, heat, water, indoor plumbing, and grocery stores working feverishly (only rhetorically speaking!) to keep our essentials, and even our indulgences, stocked despite the efforts of those among us that are hoarding to the detriment of others. Don’t do it, folks, get what you need. More will be forthcoming for our wonderful nation is truly a land of plenty and there is plenty for all.

Our advice: We are all in this together, treat each well. We are trying to protect one another from the disease, but don’t let social-sourced opportunities cause you to compromise your ethics or integrity. This will pass, but the blight on your karma will be with you for a long time … maybe longer than you will ever recognize. Be the person that is helping others get safely through. It isn’t just about getting to the other side healthy, but also financially and emotionally intact. Steps are being taken to help millions in that effort. Use, but don’t abuse.

The NBA, MLB, NCAA playoffs, and now the Olympics have been cancelled or postponed. There are many, many other consequences to this phenomenon that we are living in that are impacting millions of lives. Lets work together in Northern Nevada and help one another. Don’t take advantage of your fellow man, help one another as Jessie and band sang, “smile on your brother, everybody get together…”

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