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Jim Valentine: Time has come today

By Jim Valentine

In these most interesting of times we find ourselves in one of the side benefits is the break from our harried normal daily life routines and the extra time we have each day. Extra time, what a concept.

Typically, when one finds extra time it is due to a vacation and the time is used to recuperate to make a run at life again. This is different in that it came in us suddenly without notice with many consequences, the least of which is not time.

Make the best of your new found time to prepare for your sale or purchase. You now have time to fix the place up for the eventual sale. If you don’t want to come on the market right away it is still a good opportunity to get ready so you are ready when you are ready. You now have time to pack the nick knacks and unnecessary things that are part of your environment but clutter the visual when a buyer is looking at your home. Since you are moving anyway this is a good time to get this time consuming chore out of the way.

You now have time to sort through the material accumulation and distribute it accordingly. You likely will have things to give to your kids, your friends, family, or donate to a Goodwill type of organization. That takes time and we all think we’ll do it, but with the momentum of a time constrained move that comes with a transaction escrow things often just get thrown away. Your helping somebody by giving your good old stuff away might really come in handy in these trying times.

You now have time to finish your projects. The trim here, the paint there, all the things that you’ve been going to do for years can now be done. You will be surprised how quickly you’ll knock them out with the luxury of time without pressure. Many of you will be further blessed by having your children around the house to help with the projects. Without completion pressure you can enjoy the teaching and sharing moments with them.

You now have time to gather information that can help your agent sell your home when you hit the market. These include recorded maps, your old Preliminary Title Report, house plans if available, CC&Rs, well logs, utility bills, etc. The more information you can provide the more confidence your Buyer will have in buying your home since you are showing them your candor.

Your now have time to plan where you want to go. If moving in the same market study the comps, of your home and homes you want to buy. Monitor the market. If you are moving out of the area you have time to study the local area where you are going to see the Virus impact on the community, the availability of housing, etc. You will learn details and knowledge that you otherwise wouldn’t have taken the time to acquire. You might have your Agent come over and look at your house to give you ideas of what you could do to make it more presentable when you hit the market. That will give you a start on your prep plan.

Advice: Getting your home ready for sale will get you ahead of the game and separation from the crowd. Most people will start their marketing preparation when they are ready to sell and won’t be nearly as thorough as you have the opportunity to be with the free time you are enjoying. Make the most of it and you will be amply rewarded with a quick sale at a higher price than those that sat around and moped through this very special time. It is almost Spring and time for the proverbial Spring Cleaning. Open the place up and do a deep clean to get rid of the Winter stale air. You will feel better and you will be ready to move forward when the time is right.

When you’ve done everything else, wash the windows. No excuse, you have the time and Spring is almost here and you’ll want to look through them again. Enjoy your time and make the best of it.

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