John McKenna, School Board District 5 |

John McKenna, School Board District 5

I am running for office so that the effectiveness of education in Carson City will increase. My business skills will help to structure a more responsive, efficient, and effective organization. These skills will maximize the educational results of each tax dollar expended.

The school district is facing a completely new set of challenges caused by legislation, shrinking student populations and reduced funding. During the next term, I hope to accomplish more effective and efficient cooperation with the district’s employees and restructuring the way education is delivered in Carson City.

Cooperation with employees will ensure that their expectations are met. Employees whose expectations are met are more effective.

Meeting employee’s expectations will translate into employees meeting the district’s expectations of them. This results in better education of students and more employee accountability to the parents and taxpayers of Carson City.

Another accomplishment is the more effective delivery of education. I will lead an effort to develop and initiate the process of reviewing and modifying all of the district’s functions and activities. This evolved organization will be better at meeting the children’s educational needs, be more responsive to parents and need fewer tax dollars.