Kim Cohen, School Board District 5 |

Kim Cohen, School Board District 5

I currently have two children at Fremont Elementary, one child at Eagle Valley Middle, one child at Carson High and a child who has graduated. I began my involvement with the Carson City School District in the beginning of the school year in 1990.

I have had the opportunity in those last 14 years to be involved with teachers and students in the classroom. I’ve spent much of that time observing and being part of many learning techniques. I have had the opportunity to feel the successes and the weaknesses of the system.

I believe we must be accountable – meaning we need to use resources and time wisely. I believe we must be tested to ensure the proper education of our children. I believe in standards and reaching for optimal training.

In our quest, I hope we don’t overly dictate and lose sight of the individual. I feel I’m qualified because I’m there. I feel the effects of the policies. I see how they translate into the classroom and the student.

I want to accomplish raising the child with the standard. I want our evaluations to be a helpful and accurate resource for these young people in their educational and professional careers.