Ladder truck joins Carson City Fire Department (video) |

Ladder truck joins Carson City Fire Department (video)


The Carson City Fire Department put into service Ladder 50 at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning with the traditional push-in ceremony at Station 52, according to a news release from CCFD.

Ladder 50 is a tiller-driven truck with an aerial ladder that extends to 107 feet. The release said for over 10 years the department struggled with multistory structure fires without the use of a ladder truck, a very critical element of response, a need that until today would only be fulfilled with mutual aid assistance from neighboring counties.

It has been over a year since the Board of Supervisors approved the ladder truck’s purchase. The department’s apparatus committee recommended the purchase of a tractor drawn aerial truck (TDA), with specifications including a 70-gallon compressed air foam system capable of extinguishing vehicle fires, dumpster/trash fires, and various other fire responses.

The TDA has a better turning radius and maneuverability than other ladder trucks, a highly appropriate feature for Carson City, the release said. Apparatus committee members include Micah Horton, Diego Aramburu, Chris Mason, Travis Boggs, Chad Harns, Jeff Linscott, Pete Ryan, and Ryan Bailey.

In Carson City there are more than 40 commercial buildings with three or more stories, numerous apartments and residences, and current developments which include multistory structures expanding the response-type demands.

The ladder truck has a multitude of uses, from being able to put out a large volume of water above the fire to setting up ropes for a technical rescue.

Ladder 50 is housed at Station 52, on East College Parkway and initially arrived on Dec. 9, 2019. Designated crews required training and practice before making it fully operational. 

Carson City Fire Department Ladder 50 push-in ceremony Dec. 16, 2020.