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2018 Primary Election: Churchill County Clerk/Treasurer

Corine “Rinnie” Barrenchea

Editor’s Note: The Clerk/Treasurer is a 4-year-term. The winner will be the next Churchill County Clerk/Treasurer.


Corine “Rinnie” Barrenchea

Address: 3687 Rogers Road, Fallon, NV 89406

Occupation: Manager for Navy Federal Credit Union

Age: 54

Contact Information: 775-217-8582; rinniebarrenchea@yahoo.com

Record of Service: I have over 30 years of financial experience working from the ground level as a teller to supervisory management over the past 17 years. This experience was attained through Churchill County Credit Union; Alfa Federal Credit Union; 1st United Services Credit Union and Navy Federal Credit Union. This experience has established sound fundamental financial expertise as well as invaluable experience in managing people and teams working toward common goals. I have also worked for Juvenile Probation as well as the Churchill County District Attorney’s Office. Presently, I am acting as the Branch Operations Manager at the Navy Federal Credit Union and have emerged as a business and organizational leader with an innovative and collaborative mindset in the delivery of financial services. I have a wealth of experience successfully managing teams and growing businesses by delivering financial services and solutions as a product of commitment and dedication towards common goals. I have a strong track record in directing budget planning initiatives, developing marketing strategies, increasing market share, and improving profitability through highly motivated and productive teams.

Education: Graduated from Churchill County High School in 1981, since that time I have had continuous training to include but not limited to the following training: Power of Collaboration; Harnessing Individual and Team Strengths; Operational Planning for Managers; Hiring for Talent; Emotional Intelligence; Conflict Management; Marketing and Outreach; Professional; Development Certificate Program; Cooperative Trust; Motivating and Engaging Your Employees; Service Excellence; Business Continuity and You; Mortgage Training &HMDA Training; Handling Challenging Situations; Managing Change: Understanding Change; Elements of a Cohesive Team; Being an Effective Team Member; International Wire Transfers; Documenting Employee Performance; Performance Management & Development; Dealing with Difficult People; Responsibility; Power; Trust; Attitude; Consideration; Communication.

Platform: My platform will essentially consist of creating a “user friendly” Clerk/Treasurer’s Office that is helpful; courteous; proactive and interactive. I will lead the team by example in the areas of honesty, fairness, ethics, cooperation, team building, financial accounting and investments, and professional development. I will foster a professional, courteous, and cooperative atmosphere and will encourage my team to grow personally and professionally. I will encourage development of employees to create the best team possible. I will be present in the office and work to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the office.

Qualifications: I have a wealth of experience successfully managing teams and growing businesses by delivering financial services and solutions as a product of commitment and dedication toward common goals. I have a strong track record in directing budget planning initiatives, developing marketing strategies, increasing market share, and improving profitability through highly motivated and productive teams. I am dedicated to staying on top of current market trends and identifying new business opportunities that will translate into repeatable revenue growth and profitability for the organization from year to year. All of this experience translates on a qualified basis and will enable me to be an effective leader as the Clerk/Treasurer as well as provide the expertise necessary in managing the Churchill County’s taxpayer dollars relied upon by the county for the ongoing operation of local government services. I believe that it is this broad, extensive; multi-functional financial experience combined with proven management skills that makes me the best candidate. I have the luxury of knowing and understanding both the community having been raised here, as well as the hands on financial expertise and management needed to excel in this position. I have the following experience from the financial industry: Supervisor/Manager of bank operations; Supervisor/Manager of staff, including timekeeping, recruitment, compensation, separations, development and performance management of personnel/team; work assignments; cash handling/balancing; operational policies and procedures; exemplary customer service; positive relationship and team builder; statistical analysis and reporting; HR-related policies, practices, and procedures; branch self-auditing efforts; budgeting; purchasing; records retention; preparation of reports and records; leadership development; marketing outreach; development of policies and procedures, training, and compliance with these procedures; strategic financial planning solutions.

Linda Rothery

Address: 835 Samantha Circle, Fallon, NV 89406

Occupation: Chief Deputy Clerk/Treasurer for Churchill County

Age: 55

Contact Information: linda.rothery1@gmail.com; Facebook: Linda Rothery for Clerk/Treasurer

Record of Service: I bring 17 years of knowledge and experience by working in the Clerk/Treasurer’s office. One of my responsibilities is overseeing management of county funds. This has been efficiently and effectively handled by reducing the balances in low interest-bearing accounts by over 45 percent and am actively monitoring these funds to obtain a higher rate of return for the county. In doing this, the county’s interest income from investments is up approximately 38 percent from 2017.

Critical software implementation that I have handled in the Clerk/Treasurer’s office:

2018 – Chairman of the design committee for tax collection and clerk software.

2018 – New election equipment and software along with voter registration software

2017 – I applied for a grant to fund a substantial portion of the mandatory upgrades in our 2018 election equipment and software.

2016: Electronic poll books for voting

2013: Coordinated the Audio/Video system upgrade for the Commission Chambers.

2011: I was on the website re-design committee and I am one of two administrators to assist county employees in using or maintaining our website.

2004: Upgraded voting system

2001: Digital document scanning

Memberships: Association of County Treasurers of Nevada; Nevada Association of County Clerks and Election Officials; County Fiscal Officers Association.

Education: I have two years of college business accounting and over 25 years of accounting experience that includes accounts payable and accounts receivable which are essential to the Clerk/Treasurers office. I have continued training in governmental investments and the Essential Management Skills Program with Churchill County.

Platform: I will continue following state and county laws while upholding the professional and ethical standards that govern the Clerk/Treasurer’s office.

I will continue providing excellent customer service as we collect, invest and distribute revenues that fund vital local governmental services.

I will continue managing county funds with honesty while reaching for the most efficient and effective way to help promote county growth.

I will continue conducting elections in a professional manner.

I will continue building and maintaining strong working relationships with entities across the State of Nevada and through-out the county.

I will continue leading the office by example while listening to suggestions from the staff to continually make the office more efficient.

I will continue to encourage education and training for office staff to help build a strong team.

I will continue improving efficiency within the Clerk/Treasurer’s office.

Qualifications: As the current Chief Deputy Clerk/Treasurer, I am the most experienced candidate running. I have been employed by the Clerk/Treasurer’s office for almost two decades, including 11 years in my current role of Office Manager and Chief Deputy Clerk/Treasurer. I hold the endorsement of my outgoing predecessor, Kelly G. Helton and I am truly thankful to have had the pleasure of serving the citizens of Churchill County during this time. I have built and maintained strong working relationships with entities across the state. As Chief Deputy Clerk/Treasurer, I am in daily contact with various offices and departments within the county administration, County Clerk and Treasurer’s offices across the State of Nevada, as well as the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. As your Clerk/Treasurer, I can hit the ground running and draw on these working relationships that take years to build. I have a proven track record of improving efficiency within the Clerk/Treasurer’s office. Throughout the years of software upgrades and with the current software design, this alone will bring our office in line with the most up-to-date technologies available and provide staff with much-needed tools to streamline their workflow. I understand that public service requires the willingness to understand and meet the needs of constituents, while simultaneously adhering to county and state laws that govern the sensitive work carried out in this office.