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2018 Primary Election: Churchill County School Board of Trustees

Frederick Dale Buckmaster

Editor’s Note: Voters are asked to select four during the primary. The top eight-vote getters will advance to the general election. Four at-large seats are up for election this year. It is a four-year term. Candidates were asked to provide their record of service in 200 words or less, their platform in 200 words or less and their qualifications in 200 words or less. Candidates who didn’t adhere to the word count had their submissions cut to meet the word count.

Frederick Dale Buckmaster

Address: 1640 Drumm Lane

Occupation: Employed by Lander County Road and Bridge

Age: 52

Contact Information: dfbuck@cccomm.net; 775-232-4809; or through Facebook

Education: Bachelor of Science, 1990, Western Montana College, Major in Industrial Arts, Minor in Business education

Platform: My main goals are to help the students, teachers, and employees be successful in the education process in Churchill County.

Qualifications: I do not feel I am the “most” qualified, I do feel I am qualified to serve in this capacity. I have been involved in education my entire life in one aspect or another. I feel my common sense approach to education will be very helpful.

Amber Getto

Occupation: Part-time Churchill County School District/Full-time Farmer

Contact Information: ajgetto@phonewave.net; 775-423-4509

Record of Service: Small business owner, Charter FFA member, 4-H sponsor, member of the Farm Bureau, chair of numerous youth fundraising events and community volunteer.

Education: Churchill County Graduate

Platform: I plan to bring to the Board a balanced, common-sense and unbiased approach to the issues facing the Churchill County School District, the students, the staff, and the community. I am prepared to make decisions based on the merit of available facts and data. My focus is to strengthen the vocational programs. I am a strong advocate for supporting drug and alcohol education, and recognizing gaps in safety and mental health awareness. I believe the key to success is found in quality education. Churchill County has all of the necessary components to assist each child in achieving success. As a school board trustee, I will be steadfast in the focus for strong education for all students.

Qualifications: I am a native Nevadan who was born and raised in Fallon and a graduate of Churchill County High School. I have raised four children in this school district and have a vested interest in its success, as I have a grandson who will soon be entering the district. As a small business owner in a cutting-edge agricultural industry, I am prepared to recognize the needs and develop innovative strategies to support the vocational (Career Technical Education) programs. I have gained insight and perspective during my years of varied service as a CCSD employee. I have had the unique opportunity to experience the needs of the district from the large issues (safety, curriculum alignment and substitute teacher shortage) to the smaller, more difficult to recognize details. I am a quick learner, a good listener and a strong communicator.

Clay Hendrix

Occupation: R. Clay Hendrix, PC 2000-current: Commercial Litigation & Real Estate; KDH Builders, LLC. 2014-current: Counsel, Real Estate Acquisitions, and Land Development

Record of Service: President Churchill County School Board, running Third term

Education: JD Seattle University 1989; BA political Science 1986

Platform: I have served on the Churchill County School Board for 8 years, and I currently serve as the Board President. As a Board Member, I significantly contributed to relocating the Administrative Office to the Old High School, purchasing badly needed accounting software, the selection of an interim superintendent, the selection of Dr. Sheldon as Superintendent, the recent hiring of our new Superintendent Summer Stephens, technology in the classroom, and Budget matters that included grade level schools, eliminating force reduction notices, and contract negotiations.

Currently, the District’s facilities are impeccable and create a great learning environment that invites our children to school. By incorporating Chromebooks Into our curriculum, our schools are technologically advanced. When District employees received pay increases this year, our dedicated workers our more secure in their chosen field.

As Board President, my first goal was to insure all Board Members were included in the process and their views heard. Through inclusion, the current Board Members understand the pressing issues and accept the final vote. Board Member “buy in”, has significantly reduced uncertainty and enhanced the Bord’s relationship with District staff and the Superintendent. Hopefully, students and staff enjoy the learning environment and Board unity. I will work hard to continue advancing unity through education and communication

Matt Hyde

Address: 1325 Rancho Dr.

Occupation: CC Communications (Safety and Training Coordinator)

Age: 45

Contact info: hydem@churchillcsd.com; 775 427 5024

Record of Service: I am in the last 7 months of my first term as a trustee. We have made remarkable progress as a board. There have been some really tough decisions that had to be made which made for some sleepless nights. But in the past couple years there have been no teacher RIF’s and were able give raises last year. Good things are happening throughout the district. I have been a youth coach in this community for 20 years. I believe my time is best spent on the kids in this community and one big way I can do that is through advocating for them on the school board.

Education: I graduated in 1991 from CCHS and took a lot of vocational classes. Which is why I am in the career I am in.

Platform: I am running for my second term as school board trustee for several reasons, here are just a few.

1. I had to make some very hard but necessary decisions to bring this district to the financial state it is in. I want to keep working with a board that understands where we have been and not go there again.

2. I will advocate for kids first.

3. I will continue to push for programs that will positively impact student achievement.

4. I will continue to be fiscally responsible with tax dollars spent on education. I am a conservative.

5. I will continue to push for funds to make sure our kids and staff have a safe place learn and work.

6. I will continue to hold the superintendent responsible for the accountability of her staff.

7. I will continue to seek out funding for the kids in this district. I want every penny we can get!

8. I will continue to support teacher’s and other staff. I will listen to them the are the boots on the ground.

9. I will continue to support CTE programs in our High School.

Qualifications: I am qualified for this position because I have lived it for the past almost 4 years. When I was elected in 2014 the district was in … let’s just say not a good state. Since then we as a board have worked very hard, along with staff to transform this district from a district that was in shambles to one that is envied by other districts. All but one member of this current board, received the governance team of the year award by NASB. Which is a very coveted award amongst school boards. I have spent countless hours training and advocating for public education. I do not base my decisions on emotions, all my decisions are made from facts and data. I have enjoyed working with the highest functioning school board in state and hope to serve this great district and community for another 4 years. I have had the support of this wonderful community for my first term and hope to see that support continue come election day.

Patty Julian

Address: 5300 Harrigan Road

Occupation: Embryologist Lab Manager Nevada Center for Reproductive Medicine

Age: 60

Contact Information: Juliancattleco@hotmail.com

Record of Service: Current – President Churchill Co Farm Bureau.

Current and past board positions, Nevada Farm Bureau, Nevada State Fair, Nevada Quarter Horse Association, Reining Horse Association of Nevada. Past 4-H club leader, supporter and honorary member of the Churchill Co FFA

Education: Bachelor of Science, UNR (Animal Science); Masters of Science, UNR (Animal Science)

Platform: Improve the vocational and technology programs for those students who do not plan to attend college after graduation. Giving the students more opportunities to learn important skilled trades for careers after high school. I believe everyone should be accountable for ones’ actions (students, parents, teachers and all involved in the school district). We need to keep the standards high for the students. Sending the message that their education is an important step to success.

Qualifications: I have been a Fallon resident for over 20 years. The mother of three daughters who are all graduates of CCHS and went on to attain college degrees. I am an active member in the community and understand the importance of a quality education. I would like the opportunity to be a team member in helping assure high quality education for the youth in Churchill County.

Jay Lingenfelter

Address: 1235 Venturacci Lane

Occupation: Operations Plant supervisor CCCommunications

Age: 55

Contact Information: Jling69@Gmail.com

Record of Service: Eight years as a board member of the Mosquito, Vector Control and Weed Abatement District, I have coached baseball, softball, and basketball throughout the past 23 years.

Education: High school diploma

Platform: If elected, my only two agendas will be to do what is best for the students and citizens of Churchill County, along with what is economically viable for our schools.

Qualifications: I have lived in Churchill County for the past 23 years and have been actively involved in the community through sports and other organizations. Being on the Mosquito and Weed board has giving me a better understanding as to how other boards operate. As a supervisor for the last 10 years, I feel I have insight with budgets and staff that would be beneficial to the Board of Trustees. I have had the honor of being a part of raising four children in this amazing community. I want to be part of the solution and would be honored to serve as a trustee.

Dante A. Martell

Address: 669 Humboldt St., Fallon, NV 89406

Occupation: Former Psychosocial Rehabilitation Worker

Age: 40

Contact: dante_martell@yahoo.com

Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Phoenix


1. Open a dialogue on the issue of switching over to a year round education schedule.

2. Address the shortcomings and public concern with the Common Core Standers.

3. Work to eliminate wasteful spending.

4. Reemphasize the importance of the arts in education.

5. Work toward getting the whole community involved in the education of our children.

6. Deal with issue of bullying in our schools.

Qualifications: I believe that I would bring a unique perspective to the Churchill County School Board. I also believe I can represent a section of the population not currently well represented in many of the levels of our local government. I am half African-American, and I grew up in Fallon well below the poverty line. A number of the people from my social and economic strata never felt that they had a voice in their own community. I would like to have the honor and opportunity to be a voice for those people.

Tedd McDonald

Address: 986 Conifer Drive, Fallon, NV

Occupation: Physician

Age: 62

Contact: tmm@cccomm.net

Record of Service: Churchill County Chamber of Commerce 1984-1994/Chair 1988-90

Churchill Co. Parks and Recreation Board 1988-1993/Chair 1992-93

Churchill Co. School Board Trustee 1990-1994/ Chair 1992

Churchill Art Council Board 2009-2018/Chair 2013-15

Churchill County High School Career & Technical Education advisory committee 2010-18

Nevada Interscholastic Athletic Association Board 1992-1994

Churchill Community Health Officer/Chair Churchill Co. Board of Health 2013-18

Churchill Community Inc./Banner Hospital advisory board 2014-2018

New Frontier Behavioral Center, Board member 2018

Education: Churchill County High School 1974, Fallon, NV; B.S. Biology, 1979, University of Nevada, Reno, NV; B.S, Visual Science, 1981, Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR; Doctorate Optometry, 1983, Pacific University, College of Optometry, Forest Grove, OR; Doctorate Medicine, 1994, University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno, NV; Masters, Health Care Administration, 2005, University of Texas, Arlington

Platform: Mission, vision and beliefs statements define goals and expectations for stakeholders. My platform is to support, uphold, and promote the statement that is CCSD’s delivery of services to our community.

District Vision: “Everyone Always Learning”

District Mission: We will provide all students access to best educational services. Effective teaching and learning requires cooperation and teamwork among parents, school district employees, and students to achieve maximum potential. Learning occurs at different speeds and can be measured in various ways. Safety, character, achievement, and potential are important factors to consider when designing and delivering instruction.

District Beliefs: All people have inherently equal worth

All people can learn

Each individual has unique talents and abilities to be discovered, encouraged, and developed

Learning occurs throughout life in different settings, ways, and times

People are responsible for the choices they make

High expectations, coupled with motivation, inspire people to higher levels of performance.

Personal effort is essential to achieve full potential

A community thrives when individuals contribute to the well being of others

Integrity, respect, and cooperation are essential in building trusting relationships

Embracing diversity strengthens and enriches our community.

A nurturing, supportive family is uniquely important to the healthy development of the individual

Qualifications: I have been fortunate to have experienced excellent opportunities for education, community service, and experience in business because of the personal foundations I received. I return to my hometown because I believe in the ideals of community my grandparents and mother adopted and modeled. The prominent of these ideals was generativity. Leave things better than you found them. Be a mentor, be an advocate, share experiences and talents for the benefit of the community and future generations to pay it forward.

Having served as a school board member, I will be able use that experience to quickly be able to grasp details and intricacies of the position. The early ‘90s were a time of growth with financial restraints and a need to be cautious regarding budgeting, yet a time that required the effort to educate the community regarding the importance of school bonds to finance resources in the form of renovation, new construction, and acquisition of land for future growth. Given the community’s current position at the precipice of rapid growth in economy and population, I believe my experience would help. My current community involvements with be of value in synergizing resources to benefit the educational experience in Churchill County.


Address: 2600 Tarzyn Road, Fallon

Occupation: Business owner

Contact: bobbyparmenter@gmail.com

Age: 30

Contact: tmm@cccomm.net

Record of Service: Current board member at Oasis Community Church

Education: High school diploma and some college at WNC, where I am only 3 classes short of obtaining my Associates Degree.

Platform: If elected, I promise to put our children’s education and safety first. It is my desire to reinstate Art and Music into the elementary schools, and to have a counselor at each school.

Qualifications: Like many of you, I have children of my own in the school system. My desire for them is to have an environment that provides them the education and tools to succeed. Together, we can make this happen.

Carmen Schank

Address: 2475 Austin Highway, Fallon, Nevada 89406

Contact: schankc@churchillcsd.com; 1-775-423-5673

I, Carmen Schank, am seeking reelection for the position of Churchill County School Board Trustee for the Churchill County School District in Fallon, Nevada.

After attending University of Nevada, Reno for one year then graduating from Brigham Young University (BYU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, I made a choice to be a stay at home mother and raise our four children. When our youngest son entered first grade, I secured a teaching position in the Churchill County School District teaching music.

I retired from teaching music, art and third grade after 20 years of service, to take care of my aging parents. After both my parents passed, a vacancy position on the School Board opened up. I applied for that position and was appointed to the Board in January of 2012 to fill a one-year vacancy. I was then elected to serve a two-year term in 2012. Then I ran for a four-year term in 2014. This will be my third time on the ballot. I am currently in my 7th year of service as a School Board member and have chosen to run for a third term.

In conjunction with serving as School Board Trustee in Churchill County School District, I have been appointed to serve as a director for the Nevada Association of School Boards on a state level and in that capacity have served on a legislative committee among others. We see all the education bills that are drafted by the State Senate and Assembly and that effect your child’s education. I sit on the Policy Committee for Churchill County School District; we review modify and create policies that implement these bills and govern our district. The Superintendent then is hired to carry these policies out.

At 67 years of age I have accrued broad experiences in the field of education. I have been involved in education in one capacity or another for most of my life and am a lifelong learner.

I enjoy working with the youth; besides serving on the Board, for the past three years I have led a 4-H youth group teaching art. I continue to serve on the Churchill County Fair committee. I teach 15 piano students (nine of which I teach on FaceTime). I am very active in my church. I play the organ, lead the choir and teach in that capacity. Both my husband and I are part-time caregivers to his mother.

I am running for reelection to give back to my community. I received a wonderful education in our great school district and want to pay if forward. I was born and raised in Fallon and love this community! Our children were raised here and some of our grandchildren are being raised here. I am committed to this community and its welfare.

My goals if elected are:

Safety, first and foremost

Accessibility to academic growth and achievement with high expectations for all children and youth

Fiscal transparency and responsibility to those who elect me

Parent and community involvement

Best practices in the implementation of technology, personalized and blended learning and character building.

Trusted leadership

I would appreciate your vote.

Deby Smotherman

Address: 1133 Arrowhead Lane, Fallon, NV 89406

Occupation: Retired

Contact: DebySmotherman@ymail.com

I want what is best for students of Churchill County School District, at all levels, from Pre-K thru 12th grade. I also care deeply about all the employees of the school district. I have lived in Churchill County for 42 years. My three children attended and graduated from Churchill County School District. I now have grandchildren that attend Churchill County School District. I recently retired from the District, as an office manager at the middle school, after working there for 20 years. At the middle school I worked with two budgets so I understand the accounting procedures of the district. I was also an active member in the classified association, serving as president for eight years, grievance chairman, and negotiation chairman. I have also attended most of the board meetings over the last 10 years, so I have an understanding of how the board works. I understand the role of the board and have an open-door policy.

I am passionate about the school district and about the safety and concerns of our students. I also understand the difficulties the teachers face with the pressure of meeting goals and needs of all, and feel they put the students first and foremost. I feel that I am fair, honest and trustworthy.

Richard Harry Wiersma Jr.

Address: 425 Sunrise Terrace Fallon, Nevada 89406

Occupation: Children’s Program Director/Peer Support Specialist

Age: 41

Contact Information: Joey_wiersma@yahoo.com

Record of Service: The community has been beneficial in my volunteering services. Some of my involvements have come in the form of a coach as well as a mentor for younger adolescents up to the early stages of teenagers. I have worked with the Youth Basketball program with the 1st and 2nd grade co-ed team as well as 7th and 8th grade girls. Some of the duties that were involved were teaching them the basic knowledge and understanding of the game, but most importantly building friendships along the way, they walked away knowing that when you are a part of a team you are valued, and to show them that giving up is not an option. AYSO was one of the first organization that I volunteered with. Working with children has been the best part of giving back to the community, the parents were supportive and for them it was not about winning or losing.

Education: My journey with school and the satisfaction of graduating in 2016 with my Associate’s degree in Business with a minor in Human Resources led me to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology which I will receive in 2019.

Platform: The platform that I have chosen is one that will allow current incumbents to work together to bring education to the faculty of the signs and symptoms of drug use as well as suicide prevention. I have thought about certain things throughout this candidacy, what always comes to mind for me is the drug problem that continues to be disruptive to all, and I would like to see substance abuse outreach as a preventative measure, used in the school district. Something else that I would love is for the School Board Trustees, including myself, to bring back those programs that have been forgotten, because I remember my own experience in some of those classes and how they permitted me to try something new and learn a trade. I would like to market Fallon as one of the best places to teach, to do this we should give our teachers a stronger voice and more in-depth training in regard to safety issues.

Qualifications: The thing that makes me a qualified candidate would have to be my 27 years in Fallon, in which I have witnessed families being broken from drugs, to separation of siblings, to low test scores. I am a doer than a talker, so I would implement things quicker. My passion for children and young adolescents has been my calling, my life experience and an understanding that these students need guidance and coping skills. I think with my certification with Peer support I will be an asset to the board. This training allows me to get to the root of the problem. I would be a new face on the board to provide a new set of ideas to benefit the district on how to handle certain criteria when it comes to all aspects of education, such as dealing with who to hire as well as seeing to the needs of the students. My experience in Psychology has given me an understanding of how and why young adolescents do what they do. I would like to get back to the basics of meeting and greeting the children, so they don’t feel left out and the know there is someone who cares.