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2018 Primary Election: Churchill County Sheriff

Butch Christie

Editor’s Note: Sheriff is a four-year term. The top two vote getters will advance to the general election.

Butch Christie

Address: 8800 Schurz Highway

Contact Information: Butch4Farms@gmail.com

Age: 68.

Record of Service: I have spent 66 years in this community. I worked hard, custom farming over 1,000 acres, to be able to purchase and pay for 250 acres of farmland.

Education: Attended UNLV – Business Management; Attended WNCC – Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement ; Rapport Leadership Master Grad

Qualifications: I believe I am qualified to be your sheriff because I know the law. I have won many law cases over the years against the District Attorney and Sheriff of Churchill County. I had to go to Federal Court to get my family’s guns returned to us. I have been a taxpayer in this county for 50 years and the sheriff or the D.A. have not protected me or my property. This is the United States of America. The Constitution guarantees the people due process, freedom of speech, gun rights. We have human rights, privacy rights, property rights and equal protection under our laws. If I am elected, I will take an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution for every citizen in this county.

Please vote for Butch Christie June 12.

Ray East

Address: 1951 West Williams, Box 380, Fallon, NV 89406

Occupation: Correctional Case Worker II, Nevada Department of Corrections

Age: 49

Contact Information: RayEast4Sheriff@gmail.com; 775-426-9973; Facebook: “Ray East for Sheriff”

Record of Service: During my 26 years in law enforcement, I have had the opportunity to experience many differing police management techniques and provided me with numerous experiences and opportunities. I have a broad knowledge base combined with individual education and achievements which if elected Sheriff will provide the agency with the guidance, direction, and skill set to make this a great agency to work with and for.

Nevada Department of Corrections — Correctional Case Work Specialist; Senior Correctional Officer; Correctional Officer; Law Enforcement Academy Commander; Law Enforcement Academy Instructor

Eureka County Sheriff’s Office — Deputy Sheriff; Field Training Officer; SWAT Member

Reno-Sparks Indian Colony — Police Officer; Field Training Officer; POST Single Point of Contact

International Police Advisor – Iraq Mission (Department of Justice/ Department of Defense Mission) — Senior Police Advisor; Transition in Police Services Instructor; Developed Self-Defense in War Environment Course; Director of Operations (Baghdad Police College)

Wells Tribal Police Department — Chief of Police

Fallon Tribal Police Department — Chief of Police; Police Officer; Field Training Officer

Walker River Tribal Police — Chief of Police; Lovelock Tribal Police; Interim-Chief/ Sergeant

Pershing County Sheriff’s Office — Lieutenant/Under-Sheriff

Nye County Sheriff’s Office — Sergeant; Field Training Officer; Search and Rescue Supervisor; SWAT Supervisor; Academy Lead Instructor

Reno Police Department — Reserve Officer

Education: Certified Public Manager — State of Nevada Executive Development; Bachelor of Science Degree — University of Nevada, Reno; Associate of Arts Degree — Reedley College; Nevada POST Certificates: Executive Certificate, 2002; Management Certificate, 2002; Advanced Certificate, 2002; Intermediate Certificate, 1997; Basic Certificate – Category I, 1994; Basic Certificate – Category III, 2007

Platform: School Safety Issues; Individual Constitutional Rights Protected; Consolidation of Sheriff’s Office Law Enforcement Services; Improve Community Interaction; Effective Law Enforcement Leadership; Combat Illegal Drugs and Criminal Gangs; Firm, Fair, and Professional Service

Qualifications: I want to bring back the “service” within the words “To Protect and Serve.” I am the most experienced and qualified candidate. I have 6 Nevada POST Certifications to include the highest level; Nevada Executive POST Certificate. I am a Certified Public Manager and I possess a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. I have lived in Northern Nevada for 30 years and Fallon for 16 years. I raised my children here and am grateful to be a part of such an amazing community.

I believe the current staff of the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office are a group of highly qualified and motivated individuals. I can provide insightful leadership and implementation of several Community Oriented Policing concepts to enable the CCSO to re-connect with the community it serves.

If elected sheriff, my goal is to keep our community safe for our children, protect our seniors, and be tough on crime. I will be responsive and focused on service to the community. I will keep Fallon and Churchill County the wholesome family-oriented community that we all know and love.

I am a proven leader with 26 years of law enforcement experience. I would appreciate your support and your vote.

Richard C. Hickox

Address: P.O. Box 1116, Fallon, Churchill County, Nevada

Occupation: Churchill County Sheriff’s Office Operations Captain

Age: 44

Contact Information: rhickox4sheriff@gmail.com; Facebook: Richard Hickox for Churchill County Sheriff ; rhickox4sheriff.com

Record of Service: I have almost two decades of dedicated service with the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office. I have successfully held and filled the following positions and ranks; Detention and Patrol Deputy, Corporal assigned to Investigations, Patrol Sergeant and Investigations Sergeant (in charge of Major Crime Investigations) and for the last three years as the Operations Captain overseeing Patrol, Investigations, Evidence and Property as well as Training. During my career I have taught DARE at the middle school, worked on the Under Age Drinking and Education Program and for the majority of my career have been on or supervised the Gang Unit. Additionally, I have taught Defensive Tactics for almost 10 years. I am the agency representative and am active on the community based Child Death Review Board, as well as the Juvenile, Behavioral Health and Elder Multi Discipline Teams. I have drafted and modified agency policy and training manuals.

Education: Graduated with honors from Category 1 Academy, college credits from WNC, Incident Command, Supervisory Certificate, National Tactical Officer Command training, Medicolegal Death Investigation as well as Coroner courses, Child Abuse and Death Investigation training, Crime Scene and Homicide Investigations Courses, Use of Force Investigation, management training through POST and Pool/Pact, Discipline and Dealing with Difficult employees, CIT, Computer Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA), Interview and Interrogation, Forensic Child Interviews (Corner House) and Gang Investigation. This is an abbreviated list of training and certificates I have earned.

Platform: As Sheriff I will return to the practice of recognizing and promoting to the rank of Corporal the Deputies selected and assigned to Investigations as well as those utilized as FTOs. I would like to explore the possibilities and establish a School Resource Officer at the high school and middle school to promote safety for the students and staff and reduce drugs at the schools. I would Institute regular administration and department meetings to improve communication and dissemination of information and ideas within the Office. Work to fill all positions that are currently gapped to improve safety and service for the community, I would streamline certain public service aspects of our office’s duties to better serve the public. Ultimately I would like to move all members of the Sheriff’s Office into one facility instead of being in several. I believe that these changes along with a number of other plans and ideas will reduce overall long term costs, improve communication and collaboration which will lead to a more effective use of the resources entrusted to us and provide a better trained and functioning office.

Qualifications: I am the most qualified candidate for the position of Sheriff not because of one area but as a culmination of factors. I have successfully held all ranks within the Sheriff’s Office currently available receiving high marks on all evaluations. With each new rank and position comes new responsibility with a broader overview of the office, how it interacts within the community and with other law enforcement and social service agencies, within our county and around the state. Additionally I have taken on tasks and extra assigned duties in addition to my position requirements in an effort to better serve the department and our community. I have worked hard to establish and maintain close working relationships with a variety of local and state agencies so that we as a public service and law enforcement team can better serve the public. Over the last three plus year of being the Operations Captain I have proven my leadership, knowledge and experience repeatedly while serving as the on call administrator for the Sergeants and acting Supervisors, I have been referred to as the go-to guy for answers and help by more than one administrator.

Jared Jones

Address: 610 Sunset Drive, Fallon, NV 89406

Occupation: Deputy sheriff for 20 years. Current position is patrol sergeant (16 of my 20 years on patrol).

Age: 45

Contact Information: jared@jaredjonesforsheriff.com; Facebook: Jared Jones for Churchill County Sheriff; Jaredjonesforsheriff.com

Record of Service: Unites States Marine Corps (1990-1994 active -1997 inactive) Honorable end of service discharge; Churchill County Sheriff’s Office (1998-present)

Education: Hug High School (90); High Sierra Police Academy (Truckee Meadow Community College 97-36 college credits); Western Nevada Community College (6 credits-2004); Central Texas College (6 credits-1993)

All college credits are Law Enforcement related classes.

POST- Basic (Category I & III 1999), Intermediate (2-2006), Advanced (3-2006), Field Training Officers (10-2009) and Supervisor Certificates (6-2010).

Drug Task Force Investigation, Drug Intelligence Analysis, Counterdrug Investigations and reaction team training, Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Interview of Child, Investigation and Interview of Domestic Violence, National Incident Management System 400 (NIMS), Crisis Intervention Training, Gang and Terrorism Conferences, Domestic Related Homicide Conferences and Officer Involved Shootings, just to name a few.

Platform: Fairness — Fair, equal and enhanced training for all deputies, bringing them up to date with the latest trends and technologies to provide better service and security to Churchill County. The community can expect to be treated with the same courtesy and respect as I would expect to be treated.

Communication — A great, tried and true communicator, that remains cool and calm under pressure, even under the most intense situations. One who will continue an open and free flowing communication with the administration, deputies, other agencies and citizens of Churchill County by utilizing social media and embracing new technology.

Trust — Assigning and entrusting deputies to the right positions and allowing them to perform their duties based on their abilities and qualifications, if they can’t do their job, they shouldn’t have that job!

Goals — Strengthen morale, happy employees will work better for the department and the citizens.

Use the Corporal rank more in Patrol and Detention which creates movement and strengthens the chain of command.

Look into combining both agencies dispatch centers to provide reduced response times.

As your next sheriff, I will continue to do the right thing, at the right time for all the right reasons.

Qualifications: As a 20-year veteran with the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office (16 years working patrol), I have spent time working in the Detention Center, Patrol, Narcotics Task Force, Investigation and back to Patrol since 2005. During this time, I have obtained a great knowledge and understanding of the department’s policies and procedures. I have moved through the ranks and I’m currently a patrol sergeant.

In 2009, I attended the Field Training Officers (FTO) course, became an FTO for the department. Upon completion, I rewrote the FTO manual which is still in use today. In 2010, I attended the First Line Supervisor Program and received my POST certificate. In 2012, I was promoted to sergeant and became the FTO sergeant, a position I held for several years. I am currently the Reserve Deputy coordinator.

While interacting with the great citizens of Churchill County, I’ve always treated them with respect regardless of their name, wealth or lack thereof, living condition or background. I have a great working relationship with all local agencies.

As a great, tried and true communicator, who remains cool and calm under pressure, even under the most intense situations, I am the best candidate to be your next sheriff.

John Moser

Address: 520 Anthony Lane, Fallon, Churchill County, NV 89406

Occupation: Police Officer, Sergeant Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribal Police

Age: 65

Contact Information: 775-217-0526; teammoser@charter.net; http://www.moser4sheriff.com

Record of Service: 37 years Law Enforcement : US Marine Corps 3 years (Correctional specialist) Churchill Co. Sheriff’s Office 20 years( Sgt). NJ State Police (8 years) Trooper II, Fallon Tribal Police, years (Sgt) Monmouth Co. Sheriff’s Dept.years (Correction Officer) Nv. State Prison Lovelock 6 months (Correction off.) Managed two mid level Security Firms (50 or more employees) in major cities, Atlantic City, New Jersey and Las Vegas, Nev.

Education: High School Graduate, partial college 51 credits, (Criminal Justice/Public Administration) U.S. Army MP School, NJ State Corrections Academy, NJ State Police Academy, Nv State Corrections Academy, DEA Drug School/ over 1,000 hours specialized Criminal and Law Enforcement certifications.


REVITALIZE: Strengthen the foundation of the Sheriff’s Office by implementing innovative programs improving the current services.

Reorganize and develop a practical Organizational chart with Chain of Command.

Increase community patrols and manpower efficiency.

Develop T.E.A.M.S. (Technical Emergency and Mission Specialist) High Risk Rescue team for major events and catastrophes.

Improve Correctional facilities efficiency and operations.

ENGAGE: Community involvement – Get to know your Deputies

Monthly town meetings with Sheriff and personnel

Increase officer and community training

Re evaluate outside service contracts for local business contracts.

Develop several task force teams within the community and appropriate Agencies.

a) Bullying in schools – BIT teams; educational presentations; group functions.

b) Reduce Crime – neighborhood watch; purposeful community education

c) Drug detection – improve K-9 program; traffic interdiction

d) Increase Mental Health Awareness – utilizing local mental health professionals to educate and assist Officer’s.

e) Active Shooter in Schools and events – Research and develop working plans

f) Aid the Homeless – create options

g) Reduce Animal complaints – improve response /follow up procedures.


A. 100 percent transparency

B. No Political influence

C. Maintain Reasonable and Responsible budget

Qualifications: My military service and 37 years experience in Law Enforcement combined with 6 years experience as an Administrator of two Security Firms makes me the most qualified candidate. This experience has provided me with the necessary leadership and tools to lead the Sheriff’s Office. I have 8 years experience and training in correctional facilities and am familiar with all aspects of jail operations and emergencies. I have extensive experience in conducting criminal investigations and drug trafficking and have the ability to recognize deficiencies in those investigations that hinder the investigator. But most of all I am dedicated and loyal to the citizens of Churchill County and will work tirelessly to provide a safe community for which we live.