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5 Fallon men compete in Fallon’s 11th DWTS

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Destry Johnson
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Fallon’s 11th

Annual Dancing With the Stars

When: 7 p.m. Saturday

Where: Churchill County High School Gym

Tickets for Fallon’s biggest dance party of the year are at Jeff’s Copy Express on Maine Street; $10 for adults (12 and up); $8 for seniors (65 and up); $8 for children

(11 and under); children 3 and

under are free.

The following Fallon men are competing this year on Saturday:


Billy Thompson has taken the stage before, in terms of public speaking events and seminars.

But on Saturday, the CEO of Fallon’s marketing giant, Lumegent, will be owning the stage in a whole new style.

“There is just something about dancing in Jordans that I just won’t let go,” I will wear them come dance night.”

If he had the option, Thompson said he would enjoy watching the performances.

However, he’s already motivated to test his skills on stage.

“I will be practicing whenever I possibly can even if it means spending time in front of the mirror at a clothing store while my girls shop,” Thompson said. “I’ll do what it takes to give my best out there. I’m not worried about outshining my competition, just working hard to be a great dance partner.”

The well-traveled Thompson serves the Fallon community with his diverse expertise in marketing and consulting. He’s managed marketing and direct spends of multi-billion-dollar clients in the United States, Europe and Canada, including supervision over national portfolios and consultation to Fortune 500 companies. He frequently speaks at marketing and sales seminars, summits and other training events to share his experiences and passion for sales and marketing.

With passion comes motivation, but Thompson said he couldn’t have done it without the unconditional support from his wife and father.

“My past influence is my father, for the lessons I learned at a young age, good and bad, which shaped my understanding that I get to choose who I want to become all I have to do is work harder than anyone else to earn it,” he said. “My current influence is and will always be my wife. She is my influence, my motivation and my passion, there is no me without her.”

“They announced the last slow dance of the evening, I remember the anxiety of the night, the rush sensation all just fade away,” he said. “Looking into her eyes that night and for that one dance we were truly the only people on the planet.”

Thompson and Jill call the Oasis of Nevada home, along with their daughter, Keiren. Together, they enjoy playing volleyball, watching Cowboys football and traveling.


Roles will be reversed on Saturday when it comes to the Sorensen family.

Typically, Ryan Sorensen and his wife, Cherilee, attend performances put on by their two oldest children, Elena and Matthew, whom have been a part of Churchill County High School’s Performing Arts plays.

But with Elena finishing up her final year in high school, the Sorensen’s figured its their turn as parents to be in the running—according to Ryan, at least. “I couldn’t deny my little girl anything if I tried,” he said. “I’ll count on her to do the shining.”

The Brigham Young University alumni is a custom farmer in Fallon, also his hometown.

During his free time, he enjoys music, puzzles and reading.


Destry Johnson was not expecting local stardom but he had no choice, he said.

“When three daughters look at you with those eyes, you’re kind of done,” he said.

Johnson is representing the Defense Base Services and Fallon Churchill County Fire Department in this year’s Dancing with the Stars; the Churchill County High School alumni serves as a Public Works Supervisor.

Although this dancing competition is new to Johnson, to be active on the dance floor might be comfortable; Johnson enjoys going to the gym regularly, along with working on projects in his backyard.

“I love my family, my friends and Fallon,” he said “It truly is home.”


As a teacher at Churchill County High School performing in his first Dancing with the Stars competition, Lance Lattin isn’t afraid to practice in front of his students for the big night Saturday.

Of course, that’s not during class time, as Lattin teaches Spanish.

“I’ve started practicing dance steps while eating lunch, which students find entertaining or disturbing depending on their point of view,” he said. “I’m also working on my flexibility so I can do the splits but for now my goal is just to touch my toes.”

To be a part of Fallon’s biggest dance party is not quite a dream come true for Lattin, however, he’s up for a new challenge—especially since his daughter, Milana, has performed in Fallon’s annual ballet, The Nutcracker.

“I thought I was doing pretty well getting a few basic steps down,” he said. “But as I looked at Milana’s face, I knew we were in trouble. I wasn’t sure if she was sick or just had the realization that I have to learn to dance in 45 days.”

But it’s performances such as Milana’s helped prepare Lattin what to expect—including during his junior high school year in P.E. class, where he first learn aerobics.

“My lifelong dream of never dancing has since wavered and she has convinced me that hundreds of people would be entertained by my presence on a dance floor for the first time,” he said.

Lattin not only teaches Spanish, he also coaches girls soccer at CCHS for the last 20 years and has taught Earth and Space science for 16 years. Currently, he’s in his third year of studying German.

Although he grew up in Fallon, he spent time in Las Vegas and the Amazon Jungle; his career went from, what he describes, “various farming tasks, cleaning scum off of tropical fish aquariums, Target team member, cleaning ceiling tiles in Las Vegas Casinos, moving furniture for shady characters for cash, and a security guard for Western Nevada College”.

Although his family has been Lattin’s biggest influences—especially his grandfather, whom he spent a lot of time on the farm with—he couldn’t be more thankful for the support from his wife and kids.

“The look on my family’s faces over the last several years as they have worked on breaking me,” he said. “The puppy dog eyes, the glimmer of hope in their smile, and the fact that they believe in me. My kids get me to do all sorts of crazy things.”


Brandon Bird’s grandfather was a professional tap dancer in Hollywood back in the day, however, Bird claims he didn’t get that celebrity gene.

“Anytime I start dancing, I’m usually told to stop,” he said.

But that doesn’t kill the spirit of the Orange County native to give Dancing with the Stars a shot.

The Deputy Chief of Detention Churchill County Juvenile Probation also is a softball coach at Oasis Academy.

Another passion Bird enjoys is fishing off shore for large tuna, bill fish, trout, and salmon.