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A society turned upside down

Honduran immigrants recently hurt by a train while illegally entering the U.S. are now demanding a safer way to sneak in to the USA. In a totally unrelated revelation, illegals receiving Obama’s quasi-amnesty will also receive credit for their illegal work toward their Social Security and disability benefits.

A high school senior class in Albuquerque, New Mexico, just voted to have “Communism” as their prom theme. Six members of the University of California, Irvine Students Association board voted to remove the American flag from their building’s lobby because “if someone is an illegal citizen it makes them feel bad.” Thankfully, cooler heads at the institution prevailed.

Several universities, some publicly funded, are now undergoing efforts to curb speech in the name of political correctness. Some words shouldn’t be said as a matter of common sense and decorum, and shouldn’t need a university to police them. Others, not so much. UC Berkeley recently banned the words “illegal immigrant.” University of Michigan has an “Inclusive language” list, whatever that is. They have several banned words, such as “illegal alien” (how about legal alien?). Also discouraged are crazy and insane. I guess they don’t want us talking about liberals.

In Brooklyn, New York, a group of 14- and 15-year old girls attacked and severely beat another girl in a McDonald’s. In Indianapolis, a 13-year old girl was beaten and dragged by her hair. When her 5-year-old brother tried to help, he too was hit. In both cases, there were bystanders who did nothing but watch and film.

Boys can no longer be boys. At schools, they are chastised for playing what most of us took for granted as we grew up. Cops and robbers is now taboo, unless you can play without pointing those lethal fingers at each other. Likewise, army games and other “violent” play is frowned upon. On the other hand, they can go home and see violence, foul language, and sex on TV and video games.

Liberals believe they know best what everyone should eat. If they had their way, no methane-belching beef would ever touch an American’s lips. However, they chose to start with school children. They mandated “healthy” food choices for all school lunchrooms. The result has been overflowing trash cans, students declining to eat at lunchrooms, and black market soda and chip transactions. This is a mini-lesson in liberalism at its best.

On another food note, there have been 46 million Americans on food stamps for more than 40 months. That is 13 percent of our population. How is that possible unless there is still high unemployment or a lot of fraud?

Many of these have occurred within the last two weeks. I could go on, but this raises a question. Why is this happening? First, I would say that some of it has been going on, but when everyone has a cellphone and many think they are budding film directors, we hear about more of these incidents. That said, I do believe they are more common now than ever. The big issue is why.

To me the answer is fairly straightforward. I roughly outline the liberal plan. Note there are overlaps between the components, which makes it easier to implement.

The family is the core of most American values, regardless of race, religion, or creed. If you break apart the traditional family, the younger generations are progressively easier to indoctrinate. Further, a single parent family is much more prone to rely upon government assistance and thus is more likely to support bigger government. Therefore, support actions that break down the family unit. Why do you think gay marriage is such a hotbed liberal issue?

Decry organized religion of every kind (except, apparently, Muslim) at every opportunity. Religions have basic moral and ethical tenets. If those are diminished, amoral behavior is much easier to promote. Also, many strong families are also religious.

Whenever possible, limit free and open exchange of opinions. Thus the push at colleges to be politically correct. Also push hard to restrict firearm ownership. Free speech combined with the ability to defend oneself is the antithesis of reliance on government. What does history show as the first things a dictator takes control of? Weapons and the press.

The methods for this plan are blueprinted in Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” It is worth your time to hold your nose and read it. Also, read Orwell’s “1984.” What was meant to be political satire is now an eerie portent of things to come.

Tom Riggins is an LVN columnist and may be reached at news@lahontanvalleynews.com.