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A View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Judge Hart Married. Rumors have been current here for some time that our popular judge of the district court had entered the fields of romance and would soon become a married man. Miss Brenetta Donlin and Judge T. C. Hart of Fallon were married last week in San Francisco at the Palace Hotel. Mrs. Hart was formerly a popular resident of Reno, but for the past four years has been the secretary in the Supreme Court at Carson City. A few months ago she resigned her position, having received an appointment as Red Cross stenographer, and was ordered to sail for France in November, but the signing of the armistice canceled the trip. Judge Hart is the district judge of the Eighth Judicial District, comprising Churchill and Lyon counties. He has been a prominent resident of Fallon for some time. They will make their home in Fallon.

Churchill County Eagle – Saturday, January 18, 1919

75 Years Ago

Army Burglar Had Criminal Record. A young man from the Reno air base had a criminal record before he was apprehended here last week for burglary of the Richfield service station, according to his confession at Reno after it was requested the military police and the Reno authorities pick him up after having “done his job” at Fallon. “You fellows know too much,” the private said. “I’m not going to tell you any more. I am going to plead guilty to the charge.” The young man had been trying to sell a box of spark plugs to a member of the Fallon police department. Investigation showed that glass from the door of the service station was in the rubber heels of his shoes. He admitted having served terms in San Diego and Los Angeles on charges of petty theft and shoplifting. The young man was turned over to the military authorities at the Reno air base. The Fallon Eagle – Wednesday, January 19, 1944

50 Years Ago

Nevada’s Economy. Let’s look at Nevada and its economy for the coming year. Nevada tends to lead all other states in the nation in the rate of growth economically and population-wise which keeps our business indicators at a higher level than nationwide averages. However, it must be said each time a projection is made concerning Nevada’s economy, that the national picture must be taken into consideration in order to keep the Nevada forecast in perspective. No state is “an island unto itself” and “as goes our nation, so goes our state.” Many things happened all for the good in our state this past year. The copper strike was settled. The over-built housing situation we have been struggling with for the past three years is pretty much in hand. The rate of population growth is strong and Nevada by any yardstick is prosperous as indicated by the latest per capita income figures from the U.S. Department of Commerce, which placed Nevada at $3,421 per person as compared with the United States average at $2,933. Fallon Eagle-Standard – Friday, January 17, 1969

A View from the Past … Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives researched and compiled by Cathie Richardson, Churchill County Museum assistant.