Afraid of eating? We are too |

Afraid of eating? We are too

Kathleen Williams-Miller
Billy, a handsome five-year-old Maine coon, is a character! He was found as a stray with extremely matted fur. Billy now has lion cut and he looks so cool! He loved the groomers and travels well in the car. Come out and meet this loving guy because he is purrfect!

It seems like every day there is breaking news about foods that will harm you. The most irritating part of these announcements is that the foods change from day to day. One day coffee is harmful, and the next it is good for you. It’s tough to know what is what.

The FDA recently released a warning regarding canine heart disease known as cardiomyopathy (DCM). Some breeds of dogs have a genetic predisposition for DCM, but when other breeds began experiencing DCM at a high rate, red flags went off.

Researchers found one common denominator in dogs developing DCM. That was grain-free dog food containing peas, lentils, legume or potatoes as main ingredients. At this point they are investigating the link between DCM and these foods.

High levels of legumes or potatoes are common in food labeled as “grain free,” but not all grain-free food is bad. High-quality, grain-free dog food will list real meat as a main ingredient. The key to finding a good dog food is carefully reading the label and avoiding foods that list bone meal, soy products, carrageenan, peas and starches like potatoes.

I have been trying to get the best possible food for Watson only to find out it’s more complicated than I thought. As my mom use to say, “That’s a fine kettle of fish.” By the way, fish was listed in the suspect category too. At this point I’m having a health drink to think this through. Nothing like an iced coffee on a hot summer day.


CAPS will be offering senior cats who are eight years or older for no adoption fee. We have some lovely senior cats who are patiently waiting to find their happy-ever-after home. Call 775-423-7500 for details.

We still have puppies. Policy, however, prohibits adopting out puppies or kittens under the age of six months to a home with children under five years of age. This is to protect both the children and the animal. Call 775-423-7500 for details.


Garage sale items. We need gently used appliances, furniture, treadmills and miscellaneous items. We don’t need clothing. Call us at 755-423-7500 and we will pick it up.

Walking buddies for our fabulous canine guests. Join Tom and Geri as they stroll with a pup. Call 755-423-7500 for details.

Aluminum cans; if you have cans to pick up, give us a call (775-423-7500), and we will come get them.


Pauline Friedrich for serving as the president of CAPS board and spending countless hours volunteering. Everyone is profoundly grateful and all tails are wagging for you!

Tom and Geri for their dedication to our guests. They make sure all our guests get a walk. A Four Paw salute to you!


CAPS will be at Walmart on Aug. 3 with the Kissin’ Booth and a puckered-up pooch. Come by and smooch our pooch. We have hoodies, shirts and hats. Be sure to check out our merchandise after you’ve hugged our pup.


July Pet Holiday: National Pet Safety Day.

To call CAPS to pick up items for the garage sale. Keep us in mind when you are cleaning out your garage.

We recently had a computer disaster and have lost all of your addresses. If you would like to receive our newsletter, please email us with your contact information at or call us at 775-423-7500.


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