Another crisis to exploit |

Another crisis to exploit

The recent bombing at the Boston Marathon is yet another sad day in American history. The victims have my greatest sympathy, and the following is by no means meant to diminish their loss.

Since there is a time lag between my writing this and press time, it is difficult to make comments on an evolving current event such as this. Any statements made herein are subject to change as more facts are discovered.

Along that line, you would think that news media would refrain from rampant speculation before facts are known. At least responsible media would, if there are any left. It seems that just reporting known facts isn’t sensational enough, so opinions become the order of the day.

In fact, the national media loves opinion seemingly more than fact. Their leftist sympathies play right into the far left playbook. They don’t even try to disguise opinions as fact anymore. That is never more apparent than during a tragedy like the Boston Marathon bombing.

The very first thing I noticed was that the press went to great pains to avoid the words “terrorist attack.” In initial reporting, that is perfectly acceptable, but even after President Obama used the word “terror” and more facts concerning the type of bomb used became available, they refrained. Are they still trying to protect the President or are they just afraid of looking foolish for buying his line that since Osama bin Laden is dead terrorist threats are over?

Then the “experts” entered the picture. Chris Matthews (now there is a real expert) stated before any facts were available that “Domestic terrorists … tend to be on the far right.” Commentator Linda Ginsburg said “I’ll bet good money it’s a right-wing nut job.” Ms. Ginsburg, I will take that bet. Put your money where your mouth is. I haven’t seen too many right-wing nut jobs in the news or anywhere else lately. Most of them choose to isolate themselves in very rural areas. Left-wing nut jobs, on the other hand, can be found no further than the Occupy Wall Street protests. Oh, and don’t forget Bill Ayers, Obama’s buddy who once plotted to bomb the White House.

Even politicians wasted no time weighing in with inane comments. Former Massachusetts Democrat Congressman Barney Fife (oops, I mean Barney Frank) said “No tax cut would have helped us deal with this.” Really? Neither would tax increases, 16 ounce sodas, limiting firearm magazines to 10 rounds or assault weapons bans. I am waiting for his next pearl of wisdom. Might it be a ban on bombs? Oh, wait, those are already illegal.

Former White House adviser David Axelrod said the President initially didn’t call the act terrorism because it was tax day. One question comes to mind with that. If you are mad at the IRS, why not bomb them? Besides, if that was the case, why was Homeland Security not on full alert? Could it be that they believed that since bin Laden is dead they had no further function except to purchase massive amounts of ammunition? Where are the calls for Janet Napolitano’s resignation?

I have other examples, but you get the idea. The strategy set out in Alinski’s “Rules for Radicals” is clear on this issue. Exploit a crisis whenever possible. The Obama administration uses this strategy effectively. And he should, since Alinski was the cornerstone of his class on political organizing at the University of Chicago Law School.

I would not be surprised if this incident is not somehow twisted into a further support for gun control. It seems a stretch, but anything is possible from this crowd. Would you expect anything less from a President who assembles an entourage at taxpayer expense,of grieving Sandy Hook parents and children to support his agenda? I did notice that the several Sandy Hook parents who spoke against additional gun control weren’t in attendance. What happened to “fairness”? That must only apply to welfare, government redistribution, and taxes.

By all accounts I saw the first responders to the bombing performed very well. Numerous bystanders pitched in to help as well. Human decency is still alive and well. I just wonder why there is not more coverage of this part of the tragedy. I suppose it is a testament to first response teams that they are so well trained and do their jobs so well that nothing less is expected of them. But then again, news reporters are supposed to be trained too.

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