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AP class schools commissioners on Yucca Mountain

Mike Sciandra
A construction worker passes through the main tunnel inside Yucca Mountain, Nev., in this file photo.

The Churchill County High School Advanced Placement Chemistry class presented its community survey of the Yucca Mountain Oversight Project to the Churchill County Commissioners at Thursday’s meeting.

Eight students from the class taught by Steve Johnson presented a survey to commissioners that examined the community’s attitude on the potential development of a nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. The survey focused on responses from educators and members of local government who may influence voter opinions.

“Rather than survey the public at large,” Johnson said explaining what the class did differently this year, “we elected to survey individuals who influence voter opinions. So we surveyed both city and county government employees and teachers in both the public and private schools in Churchill County.”

The presentation had no request for action, but commissioners praised the material as informative on what continues to be a relevant issue.

Of the 233 people the class interviewed in Churchill County, the breakdown was as follows: 39, local government; 8, lementary school teachers; 27, middle school teachers; 59 high school teachers; and 22, college instructors.

Of those numbers, 93 percent were familiar with the Yucca Mountain project and 7 percent weren’t.

Of the 7 percent, 75 percent were from elementary, 19 percent from middle school and about 6 percent from local government.

When the students asked whether they were for or opposed to the development of a waste repository system at Yucca Mountain, 53 percent were opposed, 47 percent were in favor.

In its most recent developments, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission concluded that the Yucca Mountain project can be licensed and operated safely.

When students asked the focus groups if, knowing this, they would be in favor or against the repository, 58 percent were in favor, and 42 percent were not.

Other important items on the agenda from the commissioners’ meeting were as follows:

Approved Resolution 26-2015 to adopt the plan present by RCI on Community Source Water Protection Program. Motion passed unanimously.

Approved Resolution 27-2015 directing the Churchill County Assessor to take certain actions regarding the Secured Tax Roll for 2016-2017. Motion passed unanimously.

Approved to send a letter of support to Community Development Block Grant for funding on the “Save the Fallon Theatre” project. Motion passed unanimously.