Are you prepared? Make your plan today |

Are you prepared? Make your plan today

Taylor Radtke

Our area is not immune to emergency disasters. From the Fernley Flood of 2008 to the 2004 Waterfall Fire near Carson City, we know firsthand how emergencies can impact our families, friends and neighbors. This September, as we celebrate National Preparedness Month, we focus on improving communication. The theme is Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make your emergency plan today.

Local emergency management agencies and partners are regularly testing their abilities to communicate with one another. Although daily communication may primarily consist of emails and telephone calls, alternate modes of communication are available to assist in emergency response efforts, such as satellite phones and radios.

This year we’re asking you to take action now – make a plan with your community, your family, and for your pets.

Plan how to stay safe and communicate during the disasters that can affect your community. Family communication plan templates are available at or at the Homeland Security website

You can also register with your local fire departments for CodeRed alerts in the event of an emergency in your home town. CodeRed is a reverse 911 dispatch system that allows emergency management professionals to send messages out to our residents.

You can find more information and register for CodeRed by visiting the Emergency Management page on or calling 775-887-2210.