Assuring your pet is insured |

Assuring your pet is insured

Kathleen Williams-Miller
Zeek, a handsome 2-year-old shepherd mix, is a sweet boy. He has a beautiful face and expressive eyes. He loves his walks and enjoys being with people. Zeek gets along with some other dogs and will bark to greet you as his tail wags madly. Come out and meet this guy; he’ll captivate you.

If you have ever been faced with a huge veterinary bill after your pet has had an accident or major illness, you are not alone. My sister recently had a major expense with her dog who needed dental surgery. The bill was big and unexpected. Unfortunately, she had no pet insurance.

Good grief, it’s hard enough getting insurance for yourself, much less for your pet. Searching for pet insurance can give you a major headache. Fortunately, there is a website that does it for you. It even has specific insurance for cats. Canine Journal can be found at

To get to the comparison table, click on pet insurance and then cost comparison table. There are 10 pet insurances that cover a variety of services and offer a smorgasbord of prices. One thing to consider with pricing is transaction fees and/or one-time policy setup fees. These are included in the table.

Premiums are likely to increase as your pet gets older. This isn’t necessarily because your pet is aging, but it might reflect the rising veterinarian costs. You can expect annual increases for pet insurance just like human insurance.

So, who were the winners in the insurance competition? Healthy Paws came in first, Pets Best second and Figo third. For information on pet insurance, check out the guide on their website titled, “Is Pet Insurance Worth It?” I can assure you that my sister thinks it is.


CAPS will be offering senior cats who are 8 years or older for no adoption fee. We have some lovely senior cats who are patiently waiting to find their happy-ever-after home. Call 775-423-7500 for details.

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Norma Klenakis who recruited and organized the original “Dirty Dozen.” Your efforts have given so many animals a longer healthier happier life. We are grateful for your commitment!


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July Pet Holiday: National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day

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