Austin and Dawson: Meet the Churchill County High School 2018 Valedictorians |

Austin and Dawson: Meet the Churchill County High School 2018 Valedictorians

Churchill County High School's Class of 2018 co-valedictorians Austin Lunderstat, left, and Dawson Frost, right, are some of Fallon's pride of the future.

Churchill County High School Graduation:

When: 7 p.m. Friday, May 25, 2018

Where: Ed Arciniega Stadium on CCHS campus

Advisories: In the event of severe inclement weather, be prepared the CCHS Commencement Ceremonies may be moved to the CCHS gym and seating accommodations will be reduced.

Besides having first names that almost rhyme, graduating seniors Austin Lunderstat and Dawson Frost also have something else in common: they are co-valedictorians of Churchill County High School’s Class of 2018.

However, both achieved their goals differently: Lunderstat completed Western Nevada College’s Jump Start program with a 3.9 GPA. He’ll be attending the University of Nevada, Reno this fall to study Forest Ecology and Management, pursuing a career as a wildland firefighter.

Fun fact: his father, Carl Lunderstat, was recently appointed as acting director of Stillwater Wildlife Refuge.

Although there’s still summer vacation to enjoy, Lunderstat is shocked about how much time flew by during his four years at CCHS.

“It goes by really fast,” he said. “You have to cherish every precious moment.”

Frost didn’t attend Jump Start but is graduating with a whopping weighted 5.45 GPA. One of his greatest takeaways during senior year was being selected as a student delegate in the U.S. Senate Youth Program in March, along with receiving at least 10 other scholarships.

But one of his fondest memories began during his freshmen year.

“On my first day, I had to wear a crazy costume for the assembly,” he said. “It was a Hunger Games theme but on that day, I learned how important it is to be yourself.”

Pursuing a passion in politics, Frost also is attending UNR this fall to study political science and environmental study — and mix the two subjects as a career in the future.

Both of Frost’s parents, Russ and Kelly, recently retired from the Churchill County School District.

As Frost and Lunderstat are wrapping up their graduate speeches for tonight, both successful students hope underclassmen will carry on with their studies confidently.

“Don’t take yourself too seriously,” Frost said. “You have to give yourself time to have fun and get involved with activities.”

Before they pack up and head off to college, both Frost and Lunderstat are staying active by working summer jobs. Frost will work at the Churchill County Museum during the weekend and plans to go camping with friends, and Lunderstat will be contributing his time at Cowboy’s Rest Christian Camp in Spring Creek, near Elko.