Be safe around bicyclists |

Be safe around bicyclists

Spring time is upon us and warmer weather ahead. More people are going to get out and about riding their bicycles.

The Nevada Highway Patrol is dedicated to keep our roadways safe for all who travel on our highways. Remember bicyclists are required to follow all applicable laws of the road as vehicles. Therefore we must share the roadway and be vigilante as vehicle drivers for these bicyclists.

What are drivers required to do when they approach a bicyclist? The law requires that the driver shall not interfere with the movement of a person lawfully riding a bicycle. When overtaking or passing a bicycle traveling in the same direction, the driver shall exercise due care and if there is more than one lane for traffic proceeding in the same direction, move the vehicle to the immediate left, if the lane is available and moving into the lane is reasonably safe. If there is only one lane of travel proceeding in the same direction, pass on the left at a distance of more than three feet between any portions of the vehicle and bicycle.

Remember to be patient and courteous when driving and make our highways safe for all of us to travel on.