BEHIND THE PLATE: Baseball’s finish makes way for football, hoops |

BEHIND THE PLATE: Baseball’s finish makes way for football, hoops

Baseball season is finally over.

Never did I imagine that I would be relieved when Boston recorded the final out to win the World Series. But the baseball season seemed like a drag for the first time since the Giants were irrelevant four years ago, but now it’s time for football.

While it made no difference who won the Fall Classic — Boston or St. Louis — it’s one of the neatest moments you’ll see in sports when a last-place team rises from the grave the following season and surprises everyone. Remember after the big trades in the offseason when all the experts were picking Toronto to win the whole thing? So much for that logic.

But for Boston to rid the foul taste of Terry Francona’s out-of-control managing two years ago followed by an ill-fated one-year rental of Bobby Valentine, the Red Sox won their third title since 2004 and the first at Fenway Park in almost 100 years. It doesn’t get any cooler than that for Boston fans.

Consider the Boston’s crown a gift to the city for the painful hardship of the last two seasons along with the horrific bombing at the marathon in April. Nothing can make people, especially the New England residents, forget about that tragedy but sports can help ease the burden.

Congrats, Boston. You deserved it.

Greenwave goes for 9

The Fallon football team puts its perfect record on the line tonight against Lowry.

The Greenwave has won every game by at least four touchdowns, the closest which came against second-place Elko, and a win tonight will give Fallon the No. 1 seed for playoffs and an unblemished mark, which hasn’t happened during my lifetime.

The fact that Fallon hasn’t played in a close game shouldn’t worry anybody. The Greenwave can score quickly (most drives last less than five plays) and they will make you pay if you keep the punt inbounds. Don’t forget about the defense, which can force submissive pressure up front and cause the quarterback to throw errant passes, which usually find a Greenwave defender.

Fallon’s biggest enemy, though, is the calendar. The overused sports saying about not looking past the current game still holds truth with the Greenwave.

Lowry’s the next mission, and Fallon cannot afford to look past the Buckaroos, no matter how enticing the thought of playing for the state championship in three weeks might be.

Still can’t get hooked

Call me old school but I have a difficult time getting interested in the NBA.

Since the Bulls’ supremacy ended in the late 90s and the Kings couldn’t get past the Lakers 10 years ago, I’ve lost interest in professional basketball. But I still love watching college basketball, especially during March Madness.

Maybe it’s the arrogant players or all the drama that unfolds about the stupidest issues, like why the Lakers didn’t hire Phil Jackson last year or when will Derrick Rose’s knee finally heal.

Basketball is a fun sport and one day, the NBA will convince me again like the Michael Jordan days. In the meantime, though, college basketball is more than plenty.

Speaking of college basketball, if the UNLV game last weekend made you sick to your stomach, then catch the free Nevada exhibition game at Lawlor Events Center on Monday. It can’t get any worse for the Pack after finishing dead last in 2012.

Here’s to hoping Nevada can bounce back and beat the Rebels on the court.

Ex-Fallon players can’t catch a break

Fallon’s Josh Mauga still hasn’t suited up this season for the Jets because of an injury during preseason and he might have company.

Big boy Harvey Dahl sustained a medial collateral ligament injury in his left knee against Seattle on Monday, and St. Louis lost in the final seconds on a goal-line stand. The offensive guard left in the second half and the team is counting on Dahl being out for several weeks. Coach Jeff Fischer said in a press conference on Wednesday that the team expects Dahl to return later this month.

Dahl’s been fun to watch this season, especially the last couple of games with the Rams finally getting positive yards in the running game. The 1999 Fallon grad, though, has been getting into trouble and keeping his Nastiest Player in the NFL persona alive.

During their loss to the Panthers two weeks ago, the Rams were hit with several unsportsmanlike penalties, including an ejection, while Dahl was also fined $7,875 for striking an opponent in the face while blocking.

Dahl and Rams visit San Francisco on Dec. 1.

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