Bills in Nevada Legislature would increase renewable energy goal |

Bills in Nevada Legislature would increase renewable energy goal

Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Bills introduced in the Nevada Legislature on Monday will position the Silver State as a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy, clean-energy advocates said.

Monday was a big night for renewable energy in Carson City, with five new bills introduced designed to reduce energy use, increasing investments in homegrown renewable energy, lowering costs for consumers, and boosting the state’s economy.

Assemblyman Chris Brooks’ bill to increase the amount of energy Nevada utilities get from renewable sources, called a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), would spur investment in the state’s solar, geothermal and wind resources. The RPS bill would replace the existing benchmark of 25 percent by 2020 with a goal of 50 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2040.

Additionally, bills introduced by Sen. Pat Spearman and Assemblyman William McCurdy would expand energy efficiency measures.

These bills would widen access to cost-effective energy efficiency programs that reduce energy use and are designed to save consumers money, especially in low-income communities.