Bills protect Nevadans’ health, safety |

Bills protect Nevadans’ health, safety

Nevada State Health Division

Three bills pertaining to unlicensed health care and unlicensed health care providers recommended by the Ad Hoc Task Force on Unlicensed Health Care will soon be laws in the state of Nevada.

The Task Force was formed in response to several instances of unlicensed medical procedures that took place in 2012. The three bills strengthen the state’s ability to identify and convict those involved with providing unlicensed health care, thus providing Nevadans with better protection against such offenders.

Former Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa, chairwoman of the Ad Hoc Task Force said of this accomplishment, “I want to thank everyone who participated in the Task Force for their commitment in identifying challenges, solutions and the implementation route to better address unlicensed health care in Nevada.”

Senate Bill 199 provides that a person without a license who performs health care procedures or surgical procedures is guilty of a felony.

Senate Bill 220 revises the way members of certain medical licensing boards can respond to unlicensed health care violations. Provisions address matters such as investigating violations, complaints, penalties, citations and fines.

Assembly Bill 456 requires truth in health care services advertisements, and mandates that qualifications such as provider licenses or certifications are disclosed to current and prospective patients.