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Boxed out

Steve Puterski
Coach Mitch Overlie, bottom right, applies vaseline to the face of Davis Koenig before Koenig's bout against Jaime Gonzales on Friday at the Night of Boxing.
Steve Puterski / LVN | LVN

In front of a packed house, the annual Night of Boxing had one of its best events in recent memory.

The action-pack night ended with main-event wins by Katelynn White and True Hanely, while pseudo-sumo wrestlers Blane Merkley, Nicole Mariezcurrena, Miranda Ford and Kayla Buckmaster lifted the crowd during the intermissions.

The event played to a full house Friday at the Gym at Venturacci Park, the Night of Boxing’s new home this year. Organized by the Greenwave Takedown booster club, the proceeds raised thousands of dollars for the Fallon wrestling program.

White was able to navigate past Brianne Richard, using experience and an aggressive style to come away with the win.

Hanley, meanwhile, was the night’s best technical boxer as he floated around the ring jabbing and punching his way past Bryson Abe.

The event’s best boxer went to Kobe Abe, who used a solid jab and vicious overhand right to overcome Randy Jurado’s reach advantage to get the win.

The best fight went to Matt Goings and Chad Martyn, who engaged in an all-out brawl as Goings won a split decision.

In the girls semi-main event, Lena Borden bloodied Kaylee Cooper en route to the win, while Sam Goings used an aggressive approach to get past Fidel Enriquez.

As for the undercards, the night opened with Faith Cornmesser getting past Kortney Mesloh, Morgan McAlexander earning a win over Terry White and Billy Coleman was victorious over Russell Petersen.

Wyatt Getto scored a knockdown in his win over Brad Davis, Chloe Overlie won by TKO in the third round against Ana Villagrana and Davis Koenig earned a win against Jaime Gonzales.

Colby Hernandez also scored a TKO with a win over Lee Jay, while Tucker Stritenberger was a unanimous winner over Connor McGowen and Mason Smith dropped Tallon Amezquita.

Trae Workman, meanwhile, battered Beau Arrive tallying two standing 8 counts to get the win.

As for the sumo wrestling, Merkley hammed up his performance using humor to engage the crowd during the second break. He and Mariezcurrena both showed spirit during their faux-sumo match.

Merkley opened by climbing the first rope and flying back into Mariezcurrena. Later, he used the ropes to slingshot himself and blasting Mariezcurrena halfway across the ring into the corner as the crowd erupted in laughter and cheers.

Mariezcurrena, though, got her revenge smashing Merkley down to the canvass several times.

Friday night capped a solid week as the annual Calcutta dinner kicked off last week’s festivities. The fighters average several hundred dollars as the money raised will assist the program with gear, food, travel and other expenses throughout the season.