Brain size isn’t all that matters in animals |

Brain size isn’t all that matters in animals

Kathleen Williams-Miller
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I love science and find myself constantly amazed at the newest discoveries. The most recent research into animal intelligence suggests that canines have more neurons in the cerebral cortex than their feline counterparts.

The study was very elegant in design and featured animals who are carnivores. They chose carnivores because they thought predators would be smarter than prey. They studied cats, dogs, bears, raccoons, mongooses, lions and hyenas.

Surprisingly, bigger animals don’t necessarily have more neurons. Bears have brains 10 times the size of cat brains, but about the same number of neurons. Another surprise was that herbivores don’t have fewer neurons than carnivores. Both predators and preyed-upon have a similar number of neurons.

The most relevant finding for pet owners is that dogs have more neurons than cats. Dogs have about 530 million neurons, cats have about 250 million, and humans have about 16 billion.

Does this mean that dogs are smarter than cats? That is a tricky question and counting neurons is only one way to estimate an animal’s intelligence. However, dogs do appear to have a special kind of intelligence and unique relationship to humans. Dogs can be trained to guide the blind, sniff out explosives and perform tricks on command much more easily than cats.

So the debate will continue, but as I have mentioned before, dogs have owners and cats have staff. Both dogs and cats have figured a way into our hearts. Pretty smart I’d say.


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Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer, contributed this week’s column.