BREAKING NEWS: Sheckler Reservoir Dam compromised by water |

BREAKING NEWS: Sheckler Reservoir Dam compromised by water

Churchill County Sheriff’s Office
Water breached a canal near Powerline Road with water streaming into the desert.

The east side dam at Sheckler Reservoir has been compromised by water undermining a portion of it about 1/8 mile north of the southern gate that releases water into the Navy Range, Bravo 16. The Nevada Department of Transportation has crews and equipment along the U.S. Highway 95 South, where NDOT installed drainage culverts mid-March, in case there is a surge of water that may cause NDOT to close the highway. Repair efforts are underway; however, there is a reasonable probability they will not be successful, and the dam could be breached. The dam has been closed to traffic.

PLEASE NOTE. This possible breach is in the same water flow area as the water that is currently being released into Bravo 16. It’s expected that any water from this possible breach would follow the same path as the current waterflows out to Hwy 95 and Carson Lake. No residences west of Hwy 95 are expected to be affected. It’s possible any surge, if there is a breach, could cause some short-term water accumulation in the Norcutt Lane area. We are notifying those residents of this possibility at this time.