The city of Fallon has issued the following business licenses in November 2015.

Comix’s; Retail; Bu: 627 South Maine Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-0075; Owner: Martin Garcia.

E-Zee Auto Repair; Auto; Bu: 98 South La Verne Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-423-8841; Michael Custer.

Jimmy Shalone; Salon; Bu: C/O 755 South Taylor Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-666-5384; Owner: Jimmy Shalone.

Kelsey Counseling & Consultation; Counseling; Bu: 3184 Bottom Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 208-313-5280; Spencer Kelsey.

KEM Communications, LLC; Bu: 396 Wolverine Way; Sparks, Nevada, 89431; 916-439-7678; Owner: Kurk Moody.

Closed Business

Chez Moi; 997 West Williams Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Country Health Vitamins, Inc; 2141 West Williams Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Fallon Armory; 960 Auction Road #E; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Lester Hitchcock; 601 South Maine Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Key Medical, Inc; 540 West Williams Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Malayla Inc, dba No Child Left Behind; 903 Taylor Place; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Massage Works; 1680 West Williams Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Rehab Services of Nevada-Fallon; 52 Commercial Way; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Michael & Rika Rich; Fallon Rentals; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Laverne Richards; C/O 550 North Sherman Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

The Flower Shop; 380 South Maine Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

The Frame Fab Shop, LLC; 102 West Center Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Churchill County has issued the following businesses in November 2015.

Boot and Shoe Repair; Boot and Shoe Repair; 775-423-1035; Owner: Richard Nichols.

Fallon Armory; Gunsmith; Bu & Ma: 500 Thornbird Drive; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-867-2202; Owner: Luai Ababneh.

Fallon Auto & Tire; Tire Service & Auto Repair; Bu & Ma: 2040 Reno Highway #3; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-7721; Owner: Sandra Constantine.

High Sierra Locksmiths; Locksmith; Bu & Ma: 40 East Center Street #4; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-400-6984; Owner: Julie Bennett.

IQ Technology Solutions; IT Services-Monitor/Manage/Maintain/Support; Bu & Ma: 5595 Equity Avenue #300; Reno, Nevada, 89502; 775-352-2301; Owner: IQ Systems Inc.

J & L; Comprehensive Building Maintenance/Janitorial; Bu: Trinity I-80 & Highway 95; Ma: 12955 Thunderbolt Drive; Reno, Nevada, 89511; 775-787-2192; Owner: Jessica Williams.

Steampunk Gizmos and Gadgets; Home Based Crafting; 775-427-7998; Owner: Paige Mattern.

Z4Zumba; Fitness; Bu: 4082 Reno Highway; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 275 East Richards Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-0208; Owner: Melissa Waite.

Notes: A closed or terminated business may also be the result of a change in ownership, a name change, a lapse in renewal or relocation. Z4Zumba (New) is taking over the fitness classes at the Reno Highway location, and Lighthouse Fitness (Terminated) is still maintaining its city of Fallon location for their business; the county license account for Lighthouse Fitness has just been terminated because they no longer conduct business at the Reno Highway location.